“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us...”

A Packed Day in The Royal National Park

A day trip with waterfalls, lookouts, campsites, coastal walks and spectacular views - this is your breakdown of how to tackle the Royal National Park. Start your day off the right way. Wake up bright and early at 6-7am and prepare your gear. Remember you're about to spend the whole day in the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney so…

Nigel AbelloNigel Abello

Freedom from choice: Do we really need it?

"I want the kind that used to be the only kind." -Barry Schwartz Imagine... You embark a plane, your favourite glass of white wine is waiting at your seat, then you switch-on the screen in front of you and it says "Good morning [name]"! Wouldn't that be nice? I've been reading about personalisation for a while now, and how we live…

Felicia PohFelicia Poh

5 Minutes with Andrew of Teepee Tours

We wanted to give travellers a chance to see this corner of the world the way we would want to! -Andrew, Teepee Tours Teepee Tours are a Melbourne based tour operator run by two friends, Andrew & Adam, who want to provide THE authentic road trip experience of the Great Ocean Road to travellers from around the world. So, how d…

Jessie WongJessie Wong