10 Best Games You Can Play While On The Road

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They say that the world is your best teacher.

No book, TV show, movie, or story could teach you the same things as what you learn through travelling and getting out there. Nothing quite beats seeing the sights in person, and a textbook sure won't give you the same experience of trekking through the culture-filled streets of Jiufen market in Taiwan or down the baguette-lined lanes of Paris.

"Being exposed to different cultures from an early age helps develops a child's sense of the world" Jessie, Wandering Educators

And still, no matter how old we get, travelling and the idea of wanderlust simply never gets old.

If you're going backpacking or roadtripping around Australia, you might find a thing or two on this list pretty handy for keeping you occupied on the long train/car rides. Read on to find out! 😉

1. Would You Rather

Nothing spells roadtrip game more than 'Would You Rather?' In this game all you'll have to do is give your friends two options to choose from, and they'll have to choose the option they would rather do... Or the lesser of two evils! If you need some inspiration, try this list out for some questions to get you started.

2. I Have Never

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I've lost count of the number of things I've learnt about my friends simply from playing this game. Seriously, you never expect what people end up coming up with! A variation of this game is to play "I Have" basically listing things you have done... And of course you can sneakily target people if you know things you've done that they haven't!

3. 2 Truths, 1 Lie

You're asking for things that they could tell you... Or not. Basically you'll have to come up with 2 things that are true about yourself and 1 lie, and everyone else has to guess which one the lie is! The trick is to be as convincing as possible, so come up with something crazy and have fun guessing.

4. Scattergories

There are many variations of this that make it a great game for both family and friends. Start off with a category eg "Fruits", and you could go around naming fruits - "apples", "oranges", "bananas", until you run out of ideas and the person has to do a forfeit.

5. Scattergories v2

The other version of Scattergories goes by the alphabet. For instance, in the category of "Cities", you could start with "Amsterdam" then it would follow with "Barcelona" and so on in alphabetical order. With good categories, this game could keep you going for hours.

6. Car Bingo

This one's great for the kids! Come up with a list of alphabets or a word, and you'll have to tick off these alphabets based on street signs or car license plates that you pass. The first person to tick off all the alphabets on their list wins.

7. Contact

One of my personal favourites on this list - because it's all about the friendships you have, and finding common things that you know! Answers also lead to great story-telling times (don't say I didn't tell you).
One person starts by thinking of a word in their head - for example, "Magazine". Nobody else knows this word except the person, who is now the game master.
Everyone else will have to come up with a clue that will allow them to guess the next letter of the word.
So an example of play could go like this:
Person A gives a clue: "My favourite day of the week"
Person B says: "Contact!"
And together, you count down 3... 2... 1... (giving the game master a chance to guess), and if you're both thinking of the same answer - "Monday" and the game master doesn't manage to guess this, then the next letter of the word gets revealed.
The game continues until the word gets guessed.

8. DJ-times

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Take turns DJ-ing by swapping playlists to check out each others' song choices. If you've already been planning for this, come up with a playlist that's specially for the roadtrip! Nobody's gonna say no to a good playlist.

9. Vlog

Document your adventures on the road by video-blogging the journey - starting right from the car. Sometimes the funniest moments are the ones that are captured unexpectedly, and they're sometimes also the very best ones to look back on.

10. Film something - anything

It could be anything; maybe a new abstract concept video that you've been planning. Maybe a music video? Or perhaps a short film of sorts? Get your creative sides churning and see what you can come up with. Especially if you're roadtripping into the country, you'll pass some amazing wheatfields and scenery - what better chance than to grab this opportunity to capture it on film?

Going on a roadtrip?

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If you're going on a roadtrip, let us know what else comes up on your list of games to play on the road to keep you entertained over the hours of travel! Don't forget to tag us @leezair and hashtag #ExperienceLeezair for the chance to get your photos featured on our Instagram!

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