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"I found myself living for the weekend, as I’m sure many people do, and thought, why can’t I live in the weekend?"

Last week, we sat down with one of our first Ambassadors, Grant Angus and spoke to him about his life as a photographer and what it's like as a Leezair ambassador.

As a 23 year old, Grant has since quit his job in Marketing and decided to travel the world to pursue his passions in photography and adventuring. As a Leezair ambassador, he gets to go on activities and tours and live his passion for travel and adventure!

A couple of weeks back, he rented a van with some friends and went on a week-long roadtrip to Tasmania, visiting Cradle Mountain, Jacob's ladder, Wineglass Bay and Cape Hauy. While he was there, we sent him on an experience on a Heli Tour over the Three Capes.

We were fortunate enough to have him share with us about his passions and offer his two cents on what it's like to take the path less travelled. Read on to find out more!

Grant Angus

Grant, can you tell us a bit about what got you interested in photography?

I’ve been interested in photography since I was in high school, but only really got into it when I got my first DSLR camera when I was 18. I loved taking my camera with me on holidays, or bringing it out when I was with friends, finding any excuse to take some photos. About 2 or 3 years ago I really started to take photography seriously after meeting a few people through Instagram and being inspired by their work, and also started to get into video production and editing.

How does being a Leezair Ambassador help you pursue your passion?

After I graduated from university I worked in marketing, but last year decided to give that up and try my hand at being a freelance photographer, working in events and portrait photography. While I do really enjoy events and portraits, my favourite area of photography is travel and lifestyle, which is why I decided to become a Leezair Ambassador. I absolute love being able to capture an experience and share it with other people. I really like how Leezair not only provides traditional experiences but also encourages people to step outside their comfort zones and try something new. Being a part of that, and being able to bring these sort of experiences to people through my camera is something I know I will enjoy.

What was it like going on the helicopter experience?

helicopter tour to Three Capes Tasmania

The Helicopter tour to the Three Capes in Tasmania was an unforgettable experience and definitely a highlight of my trip down to Tasmania. Booking through Leezair made everything a breeze, and Osborne Heli Tours provided an awesome experience for us. The heli ride itself was such a thrill. Watching the sun rise over the ocean, dangling my feet out the door, and seeing the rugged Tasmanian coastline from up above is something I’ll never forget, and would definitely recommend others to try!

Grant, you mentioned that you left your 'safe job' in marketing to pursue your passion for photography. What led you to make this decision, was there a turning point for you?

While working in a 9-5 office job, there was one line I heard all the time, “Happy Friday!”. A celebration of the end of the working week, looking forward to the weekend. This really made me think. Why would you spend 70% of your time in a job that you’re only looking forward to leaving at the end of every week. Although I did enjoy working in marketing, and really liked the people I worked with, I found myself living for the weekend, as I’m sure many people do, and thought, why can’t I live in the weekend. While working in my office job, photography was something that I always liked to do on my weekends, or after work during the week, and I knew if I make a living out of photography, every day of the working week would feel like the weekend for me.

What advice would you give anyone who is also considering taking such a leap?

If I had to give advice for other people considering taking a similar leap, I know it’s cliché, but anything is possible. We often see stories of people on the internet or on TV who have given up everything to pursue their dream, and think, “why can’t that be me?”, and the reality is, it can! If are you truly passionate about something, you’ll be able to make it work. I’m not saying it will be easy, but I’d much rather being doing something that’s difficult that I actually enjoy, rather than just cruising through doing something that I don’t. And if you’re not overly confident you can always do what I did and spend some time creating a safety net for yourself.

Put in the yards doing something you don’t necessarily love in order save up enough, and have something you can fall back on. This can give you the confidence you need to put in 100%, knowing that if everyone does fail, it’s not the end of the world. And that sort of confidence is what will make sure you don’t fail.

Can you leave us with any quotes to live by?

I recently saw a quote by “adventurer” Matt Prior, that perfectly sums up my thoughts:

"We are wired to be outside, not cooped up in front of a screen comparing our lives to everyone else's highlight reels”.

inspirational scenery

To keep up to date with Grant, you can follow his Instagram here and check out his website here.

Want to go on the same helicopter tour that Grant did? Check out the details here!

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