5 Tips For Writing Your Blog

Rosa-Clare WillisRosa-Clare Willis

5 Tips for writing your blog

We've heard it a thousand times "CONTENT IS KING". We nod our heads, roll our eyes and continue to put money behind ad words and paid social media posts. Because content doesn't give us the fast results that we need right? But the cold hard truth is, if you plan for your business to have long-term growth then you need to start getting smart about content and SEO marketing NOW. This blog forms part 1 in a series of articles about how to become smarter with content marketing.

1. Is it Trending?

It’s a word we hear almost every day, and when it comes to blog posting it proves to be your best friend. Scoping out the latest trends will allow you to stay current and reader focused when deciding what blog topics to dive into. Thankfully, there are so many mediums today to track these trends and keep you on top of you blogging game; Google trends, Buzzsumo and trusty old Twitter are a few of my favs.


2. Find your Inspiration


Hitting the trending topics is all well and good, but I’m not telling you to plan your entire blog around the number one most searched topic this past week. You won't see me blogging to you about the banning of Greyhounds in NSW because that topic doesn’t entice my creative juices. Use these tools to assist you in your passion. Obviously what inspires me is travel, this week I used that inspiration to target a global topic by tailoring the Rio Olympics to my love for adventure. (Find it here) If what you’re writing about doesn’t ignite a spark in you, then you’ll have a hard time igniting that spark in your readers.


3. Plan Plan Plan

All of our blogs start with a good old fashion kissing of a pen to paper. I love to have every point researched and planned out before I get into my creative headspace. There don’t have to be in any order or even make sense to anyone but you. We all have a system that works for us, and you’ll find yours. Just take the time to plan the steps so nothing gets forgotten.



4. A picture says a thousand words

The saying is famous for a reason, words can only go so far but providing your readers with images allows for the imagination your words create to become a reality before them. Fill your blog with a minimum of three pieces of visual content, to break up the writing and allow your readers a glimpse into the topic at hand.


5. Don’t cage your creativity

If your mind sparks with a genius idea, no matter what part of the creative process you are at, stop everything and write! Follow it until your inspiration runs dry, the best ideas are ones that sneak up on you so treasure them when they surprise you.

Never question where your creativity takes you let your imagination run wild and push your writing to places that make you question yourself. You’ll never regret including an idea because everything is able to be tweaked in editing and through closer examination, but you will regret not taking a path and having it be lost forever in the weird and wonderful thoughts that circle your mind.

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Rosa-Clare Willis
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Rosa-Clare Willis

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