7 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Join A Startup

Rosa-Clare WillisRosa-Clare Willis

I joined a startup, and I'm never turning back


Everyone’s passionate and excited, thriving off each other’s energy. You see, in a startup, the business starts small, so the group of people you’re with is like a family. Everyone is working hard and ultimately working towards the same goal; to make their dream a reality, to bring their passion to life. This kind of atmosphere is intoxicating; it inspires you to work harder and will be unlike any environment you experience in your life.


When the business has a big win, it's not some pat on the back that’s trickled down through chains and chains of management to the point where it's practically insignificant; no! When a startup has a big win or a big idea it's exciting, it's thrilling and it includes everybody. Because all that hard work you have devoted is paying off, and it doesn’t hurt to see the joy on everyone’s faces.


Yes, you work hard. Yes, it's long hours. Yes, it's constant and time-consuming. But there’s no strict regiment, there’s no real rulebook, everyone’s learning and growing together just as the business is learning and growing. I can guarantee that you will learn more in 6 months at a startup than 3 years in a corporate role. You learn to solve real problems and create real value. You will never be pigeon holed again. The sky is the limit for startups, and by the end of it you will be the best, smartest, most agile employee in your industry.


The thought of becoming involved in a startup may be scary, the idea is just a newborn and you have no idea if it's going to grow up to its full potential. But you can’t let fear hold you back. If the startup encompasses something that you are truly passionate about, something that you can see a future in, then the possibilities are endless.

Joining a startup brings you one step closer to the life you have imagined. If you take your vision and make it a reality, you’ve created a future for yourself straight out of your dreams. Even if your startup doesn’t live up to its potential, the knowledge, life experience and work ethic you have gained from the experience will only strengthen your future aspirations.


The startup environment allows you to rub shoulders with like-minded creative and ambitious individuals. It allows you to not only build relationships and connections that can benefit the project at hand but also allows you to carry those relationships and networks into the future. This gives you the ability to build a professional community of people that you rely on that now share an invested interest in your mutually beneficial relationship.


You are constantly learning and evolving. As there are very few people involved with the business at this stage, it allows you to dabble and learn in areas you wouldn’t ordinary have access to. This gives an individual an immense amount of ability to grow, to experience things on a business and creative level that they otherwise wouldn’t throw themselves into. It forces you to learn new things and discover things about yourself as you work to build your dream.


There’s nothing worse than putting your heart and soul into your work to have it barely recognised, or worse see the credit go to your superior. Well, kiss that mentality goodbye, in a startup your work and your ideas are known as your own and are recognized for that. When you produce something that’s game changing, you can feel the appreciation from your colleagues. As we said it’s like a family, and in a startup family, they absolutely show how proud they are of you.

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Written by Ilana Porretta

Rosa-Clare Willis
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Rosa-Clare Willis

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