A Quick Look at Tourism in Australia

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Tourism in the land down under

Us Aussies live in an incredible country full of natural wonder, sunshine and sand. Of course we attract tourists from all over the world, but exactly who do we appeal to the most? This blog presents a snapshot of Tourism in NSW, Australia. It will give you snack-able insights on who is visiting, what they are doing, how much they are spending and what they think of this country!


A quick look at tourism in NSW


It seems that Australia likes to attract the solo traveller! 29.6% of visitors explore Australia on their own - perhaps they are looking for their very own Miranda Kerr, Lara Bingle or Hemsworth brother! Couples are the next largest visitors at 25.6%.

Rank of visitors:

Australia's biggest fans:

  1. Mainland China = 17.2% (That's 1, 025,000 visitors in one year!)
  2. New Zealand = 12.1%
  3. USA = 10.6%
  4. United Kingdom = 10.3%
  5. South Korea = 4.7%

How old are they?
The largest age group of visitors to the state are 15-29 yo (22.4%). Followed by 60 -69 year (18.1%) and 50 to 59 year (17.4%)



Have you ever travelled Europe?
When you visited all the old churches, historical sites, obelisks and cathedrals did you think to yourself, 'what on earth are people visiting when they travel to Australia!' I know i did! We are such a young country with a light history, so what are people coming to see?

Well, you might be surprised to see that our beautiful beaches rank 3rd in traveller motivation to visit:


Australia is one of the most expensive countries to live in - us Sydneysiders definitely know this struggle to be real! The good thing for us, is that we get paid great Australian rates so we can get by just fine. Unfortunately our international friends may need to save a few more pennies before they embark on their Aussie journey!

Research has shown that on average visitors spend around $103 per day. Their average length of stay, is 24.4 nights. Making the overall average spend per traveller in NSW $3,559! Yikes - we hope the weather was nice!


First Impressions:

So, after drinking our fine wine, visiting our beautiful beaches and mingling with our friendly locals, what did travellers actually think of Australia?

"So many flies."

"The chef asked me if I wanted vinegar on my chips?"

"Feels like home."

"The pies are the best I've eaten in my entire life"

"They drive on the left and do everything backwards!"

"There are no shower curtains - instead a strange half-wall of glass?"

We love it.

It's great for us to know what our country looks and feels like from an outside perspective. We're lucky to live in such a beautiful, safe and fun country, and even more fortunate that others want to share the experience with us. We were recently ranked number 4, out of the top 30 countries to live!

Despite our deadly animals we have per capita income, the longest life expectancy. We are blessed with unspoilt natural gifts like the Great Barrier Reef and we are widely known for our friendliness!

Next time you're boasting your fabulous country to your international friends, show them around with leezair to give them the most extraordinary experience possible!

The research for this article was sourced from Tourism Australia and SBS

Rosa-Clare Willis
Thanks for reading guys!

Rosa-Clare Willis

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