Best water spots you need to visit this Summer

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It's gonna be a scorcher here in Australia this summer 🔥. Better grab your thongs, beach towels, mates and cool off in Sydney's best water spots.

Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast or are stopping by this epic country for a holiday - there's so much coastline and water that you need to see with your own eyes 👓

Compared to the rest of the world, Australia has some pretty amazing beaches and when you think about how the whole continent is surrounded by ocean, you can be sure to find the right waterhole, beach or pool for your liking.

Wyland once said:

"The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul."

There's a voice to the ocean and water that speaks to us all. You can resort to it when needing some thinking space, when catching up with friends or allowing it to fuel the love you have with nature.

So this summer when you aren't working, organising your New Year's resolutions or watching sports in your own home - get out and visit some of these epic water spots to cool down and relax!

Mermaids Pools

This 1.5 hour return walk isn't suitable for young kids but is suitable for those kids at heart! The slightly challenging hike leads you to Mermaids Pools along the Bargo River. This swimming hole was once sacred land for women in Aboriginal culture but is now open to bushwalkers, fisherman, locals and visitors to use the pool to cool down during the year. Hint: Cool down in summer not winter 👌🏼

Image credit: Graemex

Figure Eight Rock Pools

In the heart of the Royal National Park, make the hike to the Figure 8 pools. Simple enough to imagine what it looks like by its name, be sure to check tide times when visiting the rock pools. Many people have been careless and hiked to the location only to be welcomed with high tides and the inability to get the iconic Instagram pic.

Image credit: Visit NSW

Winifred Falls

What are the chances?! Feel as if the Figure 8 Pools didn't satisfy your cravings of water - then head to Winifred Falls also within the Royal National Park. This gem of a location is not the easiest to access with a steep 4km hike but if you go at the right time, you might have this whole place to yourselves. The path isn't perfect so you might have to go a bit off-the-track on foot but the views are well worth it.

Image credit: Bushwalk Australia

Glenbrook Gorge

Get ready to walk along this peaceful creek bed jumping from rocks to more rocks amongst the Blue Mountains. This adventure filled 4km walk isn't for those faint hearted. It will get your heart rate up despite the peaceful scenery. Keep your eyes out for the historic railway tunnel built in 1911 that you will pass by. Locals tend to flock to this area for a good swim but be careful as this area becomes dangerous after rain.

Image credit: Country Box

Bronte Beach

A quick and nice stop-over after walking from Bondi, Bronte Beach is for those who love the ocean. One of the easiest to access from the city, Bronte provides a smaller crowd than the popular Bondi and Coogee beaches. Housing a public pool in one end, you can tan on the beach, sit on the grass area or jump in the water to cool off this super hot fire location!

Minnehaha Falls, Blue Mountains

This 1 hour walk is guaranteed for awesome waterfall views, kid-friendly shallow pools, dirt paths and beautiful sights of the Blue Mountains. Located in Katoomba, Minnehaha falls not only has a funny name but a deep swimming hole with a rope swing that was attached by locals years back. Some parts of the walk are steep so remember to pack water and be prepared. Trust me, the sweat will be worth it when you get to cool off in this water.

Image credit: Hayden Mclean Photography

Wattamolla Falls

Like the spirit of Christmas, the Royal National Park is one of those places that just keeps on giving. Wattamolla beach and waterfall is super easy to access by car with only short walk to this spectacular view. Now the legal way you can access the waterfall is by swimming 50m from the creek. Despite regulations in the National Park it is against the rules to jump from the top of the waterfall but you might see rebellious youths jumping every now and again. Make sure you get a car pass which is $12 from any of the paying stations along the way or at Audley Info centre when entering the Royal National Park.

Image credit: Postcards Sydney

Any of Sydney's public pools

You can understand why Sydney's cost of living is so expensive when there's coastal beaches, views and cliffs at every corner. Who ever decided to make public pools available at ends of beaches was a genius because now you can get the same cool down but without the fear of being washed away! There's numerous public pools from the Bondi to Coogee beach coastal walk and even more spread throughout Sydney city. If you find any mesmerising public pools that we don't know about, let us know!

Image credit: Sydney-City


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