Couple Finds Lost GoPro in an Adventure of a Lifetime!

Felicia PohFelicia Poh

2 People, 1 Lost GoPro, and A Road Trip to Remember...

"I can't believe something so shitty as losing our GoPro has turned into such an awesome adventure!" - Alex Malone, Story Of My World

6 months ago, a couple went travelling and lost their GoPro in the sea.
4 months later, this GoPro washed up on Surfers Paradise beach in Queensland. A Queenslander local found the GoPro and played back the footage. From snowboarding escapades to swimming with seals, the GoPro contained heaps of footage depicting the myriad of adventures this couple had been on.

couple finds lost GoPro

Memories are something we all hold on dearly to, and this lady wasn't prepared to let this GoPro's owners lose theirs forever.
So, she published their photos online and set out on a quest to find them.
Across a WORLDWIDE search from Australia to the UK, then America to the Netherlands, these photos found their way back to their rightful owners. We found out that this couple runs their own Travel Magazine at Story of My World!

So what is Leezair & Holden going to do?

Leezair will help the couple reunite with their GoPro, by supporting their epic Australian road trip with an adventure of their lifetime!

To create this magical story, Leezair & Holden are going to provide the travelling couple with an ALL-EXPENSES PAID ROAD TRIP to make this a journey to remember.

We've got an amazing itinerary all planned out for them.

This incredible adventure includes:


snorkelling with turtles

Follow this awesome journey as we watch them reunite with their GoPro - and their adventures - on this great Aussie road trip! #GettingOurGoProBack #Leezair

Felicia Poh
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