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Never lose your sense of wonder...

Calling all curious minds... If you're the type of person who loves to explore the unknown, discover the next big hit before others, or loves to learn about new products before they hit the market of the masses, then you my friend are an Early Adopter.

The world defines you as the minority group of the population which is the first to try new ideas, processes, goods and services. As an Early Adopter, you rely on intuition and vision. You choose carefully and have above average intelligence levels.


Welcome to the cool club.

You make up a very small part of the population (14% to be precise!) and you are absolutely imperative to the success of any business.

If the below sounds like you, then you should read on because we have something special for our Early Birds:

"Jump in head first. Test the waters. Have fun without fear. Go beyond what's been done, to what could be done. Leap in with vigour and passion."

The Leezair team is comprised of people just like you. We were all drawn to each other by our unique passion for new, innovative technology. We are fascinated with the world around us and love watching how quickly things move in the innovation space. We decided to focus our passion on the tourism industry and create new uncontested marketplaces to enable people to travel, explore and live without limits.

We love this project more than KimK loves botox... So that’s why we want to ensure that when we share this with the world, it's our beloved Early Birds that set their sights on it first.

If you’re like us, then we want YOU to be the first to use our app. We want you to explore new territory alongside us. Unleash your Early Bird and join the rest of us.

A message to our Early Birds:

For believing in the Leezair vision, We want to ensure that you are given the first opportunity to become a Leezair Ambassador.

What's a leezair Ambassador?

As an early bird, we know that when you find something awesome, you want to share it with your friends, peers and colleagues. If you're the one that discovered something so cool, then you should be rewarded every time your friends use it right!? Right.

Leezair Ambassadors will receive a unique handle to share with others to use on bookings. By using your code, they receive $10 off their booking, and you are rewarded with $10 credit! So, the more friends who use our app based on your recommendation then the more you earn!

Here's a very scientific diagram to help explain how this works:


1. You discover Leezair.
2. You are rewarded as an Early Bird with an Ambassador account.
3. You tell your friends about Leezair.
4. They use Leezair, and include your code for a discount.
5. You earn $10 credit.

Repeat steps 1 - 5 ten times and you will become one very rich ambassador. You can now spend that $100 on anything in the Leezair app! Or, you can put it aside and keep accumulating your credit to spend it on an even cooler activity - how does skydiving sound to you?

Be the first to join our app, and we'll invite you to be our ambassadors for life.

Be infectious. Make it fun to hold your breath and cross your fingers. Be a visionary, make others wish they had done that. Lead in smiling, come out grinning. Make others follow your feet first into possibility.

Till next time Early birds,


Rosa-Clare Willis
Thanks for reading guys!

Rosa-Clare Willis

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