Free weekend? Here are Melbourne's best camping spots

Nigel AbelloNigel Abello

Have the weekend off? Get in your car, grab your tents and go camping!

Sometimes we all feel like we need a break from the hustle and bustle from our working lives. That's why if you're looking for some free camping sites less than 3 hours from Melbourne, we've got you covered!

If you're anything like me, there's so many benefits to getting away and camping in the wilderness. For instance, it clears your mind and allows you to disconnect from the internet. Yes that's right! We can disconnect from Facebook! It isn't some magnet that we always have to be attracted to! It will still be there tomorrow or when you get back from your trip. But back to topic, just imagine how peaceful it is under the stars, with some hot chocolate, good company and the sounds of the nature blowing in the wind. Take some time to yourself so that's why I wanted to help you out a bit. Just a little.

So here are some of the best free camping spots around Victoria that will satisfy your getaway cravings.

Head up North

Ayson’s Reserve

Situated on the Campaspe River, Ayson's reserve is the perfect quiet place to rewind and relax. With a sealed road to access the campsite, you can comfortably camp knowing you can light a campfire and have access to toilets.

GPS Location: -36.459446, 144.668884

Greens Lake Recreation Reserve

Just over two hours from Melbourne CBD, this campsite sits on Greens Lake. For those who love their fishing there is a boat ramp you can use any time knowing that there is no limit to how long you can stay.

GPS Location: -36.2616, 144.4942

Gunbower Island

Image from findacamp

Next to the banks of the Murray River, you can witness the wildlife bringing this area to life whilst surrounded by River Red Gum. Perfect location for young families wanting a quick getaway.

GPS: -35.9519031710083, 144.37528808593754

Be a camping beast in the East

Seninis Campground

This little Victorian gem is hidden within the Moondarra State Park. Take note that the last kilometre to the camp site is on gravel and is pretty steep so reconsider if you have a 2WD.

GPS: -38.0238314, 146.34057600000006

Andersons Garden camping area

This campsite is located in Mount Disappointment State Forest but I can assure you it definitely won't disappoint. This campsite was damaged during the Black Saturday Fires but is well on its way to recovery with extensive flora growth.

GPS: -37.542887, 145.73665460000007

Go down South

Triplet Falls

At Aire Crossing in the Great Otway National Park, you can camp and enjoy the awe-inspiring plunging waters of Triplet Falls from the viewing stations. I've been to the Otways before when I checked out Beauchamp Falls and that was a quick hike. I can only imagine what camping in an area like this would be like. Try it out and then let me know in the comments below if it was worth it!

GPS: -38.7046181, 143.49032880000004

Image from Visit Victoria

Head out to the best in the West

Paddys Ranges State Park

Paddys Ranges State Park campsite has both toilets, bbq facilities and water (boil before drinking). This site is well-known for its wildflowers in springtime, home to numerous types of orchids and multiple native bird species like the rare Painted Honeyeaters and Swift Parrots.

GPS: -37.0906, 143.6969

Johanna Beach

Come back to the Otways and visit Johanna Beach. Right on the beach with sand dunes bordering the beach it makes for the perfect surf/sand/camp site for any adventurer.

GPS: -38.7624161, 143.3811736

Image from Visit Victoria

This is just a small snapshot of what's available here in Victoria. Be sure to check out our catalog for activities near these areas or chuck a comment below if you know any other hidden gems we should know about.

Nigel Abello
Thanks for reading guys!

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