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Warning - This blog contains some heavy tech talk!

Why is there a need for Leezair?

Experiences are personal.

We believe that the current tourism and leisure industry is riddled with pain points. It is difficult to find and book experiences that are suitable to your style of travelling, budget, and needs. Currently, searching for things to do involves having 20 Google tabs open, numerous Facebook posts with suggestion requests as well as endless flyers and travel brochures.

Our startup, called Leezair (a play on leisure), is a digital marketplace that allows you to discover unique activities and experiences. It was created for those who strive to explore the unknown and undiscovered both abroad and locally. It uses geo-location tagging to bring your itinerary to life. Leezair allows you to explore what's around you when you're on the go. When something sparks your fancy you can view availability, book and pay for it anytime, anywhere.

A core differentiator

Explore without limits

Our Engineers in Sydney Australia, have developed a new recommendation system for travellers. This system allows users to discover experiences and activities near them in real-time.

“Results we are obtaining with these new algorithms will truly change the way you are travelling.”

The Leezair system combines traditional catalog classification architecture - sourced from Restful APIs - with deep learning models to detect relevant things to do with a high-degree of accuracy and personalization.

Similar technologies in use today have been developed by other industries such as smart cars, airlines and accommodation providers. However, we believe the vision of Leezair is unique.

We have aggregated all of the best leisure activities from various providers and collated them in a user-friendly way on our app. Giving travellers and everyday adventurers a 'one stop shop' for experiences.

We believe that the core reason why previous aggregators have failed in this space, is because their products were not focused on the user experience - and the market was not ready. At Leezair, we don't just ask where you are going, we ask what you want to do.

The Leezair app acts as your pocket travel agent. The system can reliably talk to other activity provider systems in seconds, it uses a smart algorithm to filter experiences by user interests and needs. This allows the system to recommend the best activities for you to enjoy based on your current situation and travel limitations.


The Vision

Our plan is to build a fluid economy in tourism, by providing businesses and entrepreneurs a level playing field. We are creating a new marketplace in the tourism industry that reduces barriers to entry, while still improving high standards in the industry.

What does 'a new marketplace' mean?

The easiest way to explain our vision for a new marketplace is to consider the business model of Uber and Airbnb. Uber created a market for ordinary drivers to earn extra cash and to give control back to the customer. Airbnb took out the middle man and allowed the individual to be their own landlord and accommodation host, while creating unique experiences for the traveller.

At Leezair, we are creating a market for the everyday Joe Blow to list an activity. If you're a great surfer, you can earn cash by listing it as an experience on our marketplace. No previous business or experience is required - and to make it extra seamless, we provide insurance for both the provider and the customer! Your success as a provider depends on user reviews and recommendations. This allows us to offer unique, local and new experiences for all explorers. This marketplace will not compete with existing booking systems or GDS, rather it will integrate with them - both B2B & C2C - while including family businesses and individual contractors. Register your interest to become a provider, a partner or an affiliate here

What's next?

We dream big, but always start small. Our bigger plan involves packages including flights and accommodation based on what you want to do on your travels, not just where you want to go. Soon, Leezair will be working with some of the biggest players in the tourism and AI space. We see our systems being used in Smart Cars, on Airlines, and through various Augmented and Virtual Reality apps.

Today we are an app, tomorrow we are an ecosystem. The Engineering team at Leezair will continue to work with Google (TensorFlow) and other well-known partners, on research and development of upcoming technology that allows us to work within an ecosystem of innovative technology.

Does this sound like an app that you might use? Let us know in the comments.

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Rosa-Clare Willis
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