Top 3 Instagram Tips for Travel Companies

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How to get more likes on Instagram

We’ve been loving how much you dig our Instagram that's why we've created these top three Instagram insights. We take a lot of care and thought in picking every post that we share with you, ensuring that what we put out there inspires or brings you joy as you scroll through your feed. As much as we wish we could say every Instagram post has hit the likes meter out of the park, not every post has lived up to the expectations, or the post beside it. So if you’re trying to build your Instagram profile and you need a little guidance into what people want, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a step-by-step look at what we’ve found works on attracting that double tap.

Instagram Insight - Top tips

Tip 1. Sun's out, lens out

First things first, everyone loves a sunrise and sunset. Even though they happen every day, we can’t get enough of how the sun rising and falling manipulates the sky. So it makes sense that some of our most favourable Instagram posts have been capturing the beginning of dawn and the start of dusk.


1. They are positive: Yellow is synonymous with life and happiness. People use social media for escapism, so it makes sense that positive images receive the love.

2. One colour dominates the post: This is not just the case for sun photos, this is also the case for ocean and mountain imagery. The Instagram audience seems to respond very well to posts where one colour seems to consume the image. - e.g Yellows, blues and greens


Tip 2. Sea Sells

This next one is easy, we miss summer too guys; so any glimpse of the wavy ocean that the winter has forced us into looking and not touching is sure to draw in the likes. According to some late night search engine sleuthing, we as humans tend to favour the colour blue, meaning images that completely encompass it in every shade tend to generate more likes.


1. Water represents life: Water allows us to feel refreshed, replenished and reset. Your image of a calm creek running through the valley of green hinterlands makes the viewer feel relaxed. Other images of rough ocean waves crashing against cliff faces motivate and thrill the user into action.

2. Silent moments: It's not just about what's in the image, but also what's missing. Most us follow our family, friends, peers and favourite influencers on Instagram. It's rare for them to upload photos of scenery without featuring themselves, their dog or Bae in the post. Photos that focus only on Mother Nature allow viewers to have a moment of silence, where they can lose themselves in the landscape and become captured in the fleeting moment of the double tap.


Tip 3. Let your image breathe

The marketplace is incredibly cluttered. Your Instagram feed is littered with brands and people fighting for your attention. We decided to experiment with this to see how people responded to images with minimal noise. Our most popular posts include an off-centre subject with lots of surrounding space. We recommend you try implementing this technique to increase your Instagram followers.


1. Quietly powerful: These images tell their stories in a way that holds the viewer's attention. You know the old saying "Less is more"? It's true! The comparative scale and composition draws the viewer's eye in and holds it there for longer.

2. Strong message: Usually, these quietly powerful images are coupled with a strong motivational message. The combination of the two force Instagrammers to pause, process and deliberate on your message. This is the kind of connection you want your Instagram gallery to have with your audience.


At its core, producing great content is key and we definitely think these are the must-haves for travel companies!

These tips all act as the core ingredients that will highlight your Instagram profile in the minds of audiences everywhere. We encourage you to experiment with these tips and work out what works for your followers. Once you've found that niche, start experimenting with timing of your upload, including relevant trending hashtags, and posting videos.

The bottom line is that authentic posts are the best posts. It's no secret that authenticity sparks emotional engagement with images. Keep your audience at the forefront of all your posts and think about what they need from you to get through their daily grind.

We aim to inspire you to travel and make every day extraordinary, and ultimately that’s when our Instagram posts perform the best. Our Instagram inspires your imagination to thrive for a reality in which you’re a part of the adventures we take.

Be inspired, and follow our adventures on Instagram @Leezair

Do you have any Instagram tips to share?

Rosa-Clare Willis
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Rosa-Clare Willis

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