True adventurers don't need passports, they just need Leezair.

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Leezair has launched!

We are officially HEREEEEEE and ready to meet all you avid explorers. We've been working on creating this web application for some time now, and we are incredibly excited to share it with those who have been with us from the start.

You may have been following us for our blog posts, our pretty pictures or even just moral support for your friends that work here. There's a high chance that you never even knew that we were building something in the background. Well, we have!

We have now officially released our web app - the first of many apps that connect you with things to do around you.


Transparency warning

I want to make it clear that this is a blog not a press release. So prepare for things to get quite frank. If you're reading this it's because you have been following us from the start and you believe in something that we are doing! That's why we want to be completely open and transparent with you guys about who Leezair is and where we are going.

So, who is Leezair?

To put it simply, Leezair is an Australian technology startup that creates apps that connect people with experiences around them so that every day can be extraordinary.

Our apps aim to inspire adventure and encourage freedom through personalisation. Leezair suggests adventures that are tailored to any condition so that you can explore your surroundings, whether that be foreign or local, without limitations.

Leezair is an app that helps travellers and locals seize the day by giving them choice to experience new and unique activities.

How it works:

It all comes together due to the following 3 factors:

When you arrive on our app and select "what's around me?" we display the top recommendations based on your location! You can further tailor your results by filtering on price, distance, experience and suitability.

Why do we exist:

We exist so that every day can be extraordinary.

"The purpose of Leezair is to connect people with things to do around them more often, and more conveniently so that you can spend less time searching for things to do, and more time experiencing."

Well, that's what our website says at least. To be completely honest with you, we were tired of feeling like there was nothing to do around us. Sure, we can go to the same markets that are on every weekend, or we can hang out for Ivy's Marco Polo to open, and save all our hard earned pennies to spend it on the same festival that we go to every year... Boring...

Why does it always feel like we have to do something drastic like blow $10k on an overseas trip just to feel like we are breaking free from our routine? Am I really as adventurous as I think if I only go overseas every 2 - 5 years? The answer is Yes I am damn it!

Leezair was born out a frustration that was felt by explorers all over the world. We exist for those adventurers who want to know how to experience the world around them without all the hassle and expense!

Leezair was created by people who are professionally motivated and are also avid adventurers and travellers. The team here at Leezair live and breathe the Leezair philosophy of making everyday extraordinary regardless of current circumstances. We absolutely despise when people preached that you had to make a choice between a life of travel and a successful career. WE WANT BOTH. And we know that you do too! So we set out to create a platform that made it easier for people to experience the world around them by bringing freedom of experience to their back pockets.


Same, same but any different?

In case you are wondering, we are very different to Expedia, TripAdvisor and the like! Firstly, we focus on the right here right now by having a platform that's focused on helping you make your bookings last minute when you're on the go.

Unlike TripAdvisor we allow you to book activities based on your current location, so you can spend less time searching for things to do. More differences include:

At this stage, our biggggggest differentiator is that Leezair is smart. We have built our technology to get to know you. So that eventually the app will learn what type of traveller you are, giving us the ability to better connect you with experiences that you will love.

For example:

Tina is a 36 year old woman with two children under the age of 10. Her past bookings on Leezair have always been suitable for children, and she tries to keep her activities down to $75pp. Tina's bookings also reflect that she is more interested in interactive experiences where she can have an immersive experience rather than guided tours.

When Tina opens Leezair and searches for things to do, the first experiences suggested will reflect Tina's and her family's travelling type, to make it easier for her to book experiences that her family loves. See the difference now?

Why do you need us?

Our lives are becoming more and more complex, and it's becoming increasingly harder to find time to do the things that we love, and even harder to find things that we love doing.

If you're anything like us, then you love to try new experiences, explore different places and learn new skills whenever you have free time. Our app allows you to get to know your surroundings on a whole new level. We make free time play time and give you the freedom to explore new activities and experiences without you having to ever leave your suburb (even though you totally should).

Here's a secret

We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves in terms of short and long term strategies. As previously mentioned our app has access to over 30,000 activities and experiences. While these experiences are awesome and are exactly what we needed to get Leezair started, they don't reflect what Leezair will be by Summer...

We are due to launch our own marketplace for individuals to list experiences and become a provider very soon. Allowing individuals to earn money from their passions, unused equipment and skills. For example, let's go back to Tina to explain how the marketplace works.

Tina works 3 days a week. On her days off she tends to her family's bee hives and often has excess wax which she makes candles out of. A hobby that felt mundane and boring to Tina, was actually a really unique experience for someone else. So, Tina decided to list this on Leezair. Tina now gets 4 group bookings a week and earns $50pp. Something that was previously a fun hobby, now earns her over $800 a week.

WOO GO TINA! This marketplace will completely revolutionise the way we enjoy and spend our spare time. Leezair users will be exposed to completely new and authentic experiences, while also being able to give something back themselves. The marketplace will be a dream come true for Entrepreneurs all around the world.

Who's supporting us?

This info is pretty much top secret at the moment. What we can tell you is that we now have a partnership with Tourism Australia and they are just one of the very cool supporters of Leezair!

We can't reveal the names of our partners and investors just yet, but all you need to know right now is that Leezair has been backed by some pretty big players in the industry! (Without giving away too much I can tell you that some of our partners have wings...)

You can be the first users in the world!

We are over the moon that you have read this post, and that you care about what Leezair is building. We want our first users to be people like you! So, head over to our app and discover what's around you today.

We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the web app. Stay tuned for more Leezair announcements soon!

Happy exploring,
The Leezair Team


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Rosa-Clare Willis
Thanks for reading guys!

Rosa-Clare Willis

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