Life Tip: Combat your memory by documenting small moments

Nigel AbelloNigel Abello

There are 60 seconds in 1 minute. 60 minutes in 1 hour. 24 hours in 1 day. 365 days in 1 year and according to the AIHW Australian males are predicted to live 80 years whilst females are predicted to live for 84 years.

I imagine we all know the phrase:

"Time is money and money is time" by Benjamin Franklin.

Now as humans there is the potential to lose a lot of that time and forget about events in our lives.

Take a few seconds and think back to your earliest memory. Think back to when you were a kid and how simple life appeared. You were happy weren't you? You appreciated the little things. You laughed, smiled, failed and then figured out by yourself how to get back up.
How clearly can you recall those exact moments? How clearly can you even remember your childhood at all?

If you walk down the street you will see everyone lives as though they're invincible and know for certain that today is not their last. I'm sure that even Superman knows his limits to life and knows that even he cannot outlast time itself. So why do we?

Here are some of my tips on documenting these experiences so you can always look back on them in the future.

1. Make a Facebook Album

I've noticed a trend among some of my Facebook friends over the past few years. They decide to make these yearly albums and upload images into it as soon as something interesting happens. I'm all for it because it's our modern day version of something our parents still continue to love. Remember what photo albums are? A few years ago my parents meticulously printed, collated and archived family photos and now they're some of our most prized possessions.

2. Make an actual photo album.

There's nothing wrong with going old school. Your parents will love it.

3. Start a journal or diary.

Buy a blank notebook and handwrite your experiences. You won't just get to document significant moments in your life, but practicing handwriting is a skill we all can improve on. There's also something special about putting pen to paper. It takes effort and courage to splurge the words in your head onto a page. Some days you can write about what you actually did or vent when you need to clear your head. Nevertheless, a journal is a great tool for personal reflection.

4. Write a blog.

A personal journal isn't everyone's cup of tea so try sharing your experiences online. If you're reading this, you have stumbled onto our blog and you have found a place to learn more about things to do, travel and innovation. Blogs are more useful than you know and with a lot of companies jumping on the online marketing sphere, you might find it as a handy skill in your arsenal.

5. Record a vlog.

People actually make a living from this! If you're unfamiliar with the term: Vlog = Video Blog. It's an alternative if writing isn't your preferred method. Not only is it easy (you just need a camera to record and talk into) but it will help with your verbal communication skills.

Refer to point 4 if you don't know what a blog is.

Some of my favourites are Casey Neistat a New York-based entrepreneur, Jon Ollson a RedBull sponsored skiier and Steve Cook a health coach and bodybuilder if you want to learn about some inspirational daily vloggers.

6. Make a scrapbook.

This is for the more artistically creative adventurers out there. I know I wouldn't have the patience to print, decorate and then organise images into a one-of-a-kind book. But for those who do have the patience, it is certainly one of the most effective ways of documenting personal experiences.

7. Use a hashtag

My brothers and I used a hashtag on Instagram when we decided to go to New Zealand last year. It was an effective way of collating our images together in one place so we can always go back and look at our adventures.

Make every day extraordinary

These are just a few suggestions for you to combat your memory. Time is money and a resource we can't let go to waste. So if you do snap some pics hashtag #ExperienceToday and let us feature you. Don't waste your time and make your day extraordinary.

Nigel Abello
Thanks for reading guys!

Nigel Abello

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