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Felicia PohFelicia Poh

“Dear Leezair, there are so many activities on your catalog… Where do I even begin? What IS there?” We hear you.

I've recently started a bucket list. Given one of my new year resolutions to live life to the fullest this year, you know, the spirit of doing more and all that. While I was at it, I thought about some of the activities I could do that would be bucket-list worthy.

There are so many activities on our catalog, now you're probably thinking "Where do I even begin?" We hear you.

So, to make your lives a little bit easier, we’ve curated the best activities on our catalog just for you, so that you can start compiling your wish list and making your everyday extraordinary.

Walking Tours

walking tours

1. Go snorkelling at Manly

On this tour, an experienced local takes you around the Cabbage Tree Aquatic Reserve, allowing you to see the reefs and marine species in the environment. You'll get to visit both Manly Beach and Shelly Beach in this special. It's both a fun way to kick start summer, and to get your snorkel head adventures out. Great for both beginners and experienced!

2. Take a beer tour in Melbourne

Take a walk that traces the history of beer consumption in the victorian capital. From understanding early rogue settlers, to conservative war time drinking habits, the tour crosses 4 venues to try different microbreweries and concludes with a burger supper. Talk about beer knowledge and indulgence in one!


scuba diving

3. Snorkel at Geoffrey Bay

Snorkel around Geoffrey Bay with experienced guides, giving you all you need to know to appreciate the local corals and fish life while exploring the depths of the water - great for one of those scorching weekends!

4. Dive deep in Arcadia on this guided tour

In these guided dives, you'll get a unique tour specifically tailored to your experience levels and interests! These dives are relatively shallow and easy to navigate. You can also visit the Moltke Shipwreck for some great macro photo opportunities.

Canoeing & Kayaking

5. Kayak with dolphins on Rainbow Beach

Dolphin view Kayak on Rainbow Beach? If that doesn't sound enticing enough, I don't know what will. Get up close with the highly active local marine life from dolphins to turtles and rays. Get access to the Rainbow Beach coloured sand cliff tour and experience a guided paddle around Double Island Point. A fantastic itinerary that's gonna get you set to love the beach life.

6. Go on a kayaking adventure under the Sydney Habour Bridge

kayaking under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of the best experiences saw me and Nigel kayak under the Sydney Harbour Bridge! An experienced guide took us both on an informative kayaking adventure, telling us all about the surrounds and its history, complete with a great breakfast to kick start the day. Getting up for work has never been this fun 😉

7. Kayak and swim at the Royal National Park

Along Port Hacking and Royal National Park, swim in the clear waters and relax on the golden sand beaches. This activity takes you around the second oldest national park in the world and experiencing the nicest spots only the locals know about. You could even get the chance to jump of a 4-metre high cliff... Sounds like your kind of thing, adrenaline junkie?


speed boating

8. Extreme adrenaline rush ride? Jet blast?

Calling all you adventure-holics, this one's definitely for you. If you're looking for a thrill ride out on the waters this summer, we've got your itinerary all figured out.

9. Go on the Sydney Tower Skywalk and Thunder Twist

For a whole different view of Sydney, maybe this package is for you. Enjoy a 30 minute Jetboat ride around Sydney harbour before venturing to the top of Sydney Tower and going on the SKYWALK Altitudes Adventure! Peer down for a bird's-eye view of the city beneath your feet as part of a 45 minute guided tour around the outside of the iconic golden turret of Sydney Tower. You really haven't seen Sydney until you've experienced this baby.


Nigel sky diving experience

10. Skydive at 14,000ft high

Watch Nigel go on this crazy adventure and soar 14,000 ft high without a care in the world, with extremely experienced skydivers - you'd feel safe even when you're free-falling!



11. Try out a 'One-off' Surfing Lesson

This surf lesson comes at a fantastic price. Rightly coined the "taste tester" surf lesson, it's the perfect way to get your surf career kick started or continue working on the skills you've already acquired.
All instructors will take you through the skills of how to surf, guiding you each step of the way and easing you quick and easy into the sport of surfing. All equipment hire included! One-off? We're certain you'll be finding your way back quickly.

12. Go surfing on Rainbow Beach and kayak with dolphins!

A stunning beach drive into the Great Sandy National Park right up to the spectacular Double Island Point, this epic adventure will take you on the DREAM getaway with all the itinerary set out for you. If you're looking for the perfect combination of kayaking and surfing on pristine beaches, I think this one's the treat for you. Double Island Point is also home to Australia's longest beginner waves and best surf lessons... You're in for a real treat!



13. Tamborine Winery Tour

The Tamborine Winery Tour is perfect for you to take a short trip into the Gold Coast Hinterland. Departing from Brisbane, an elaborate itinerary gets planned out for you so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your wine! A fully guided tour where you've got everything in place. If you're looking for a nice getaway with some wine, look no further.

14. Cape Bruny Lighthouse Sunset Tour

Arguably one of the best locations in Tasmania to watch the Southeast Aurora, your guide will take you to the lighthouse with ocean pounding the cliffs below and sunset streaking through the sky. Undoubtedly an experience to remember for a loooong time.

15. Official Home and Away Tour to Summer Bay

For resident Sydney-siders, here's your calling. Nothing beats this fabulous tour that gets you experiencing all there is in the area. This unique tour to Palm Beach visits the iconic location of the popular Home and Away set, allowing you to experience the very locations that they used to film this hit TV program. Even if the tour itself doesn't pique your fancy, you won't be able to resist the breathtaking views that it offers.

It's time to go on an adventure

adventure time

If none of these tickle your fancy, we're sure we can find something on our catalog that suits what you're looking for. Drop us a message or start a chat with us and we'll find the best activities best suited to what you're looking for. Alternatively, start up our mobile app to keep your wishlist so that the AI bot can tweak to your interests! 😉

Also, if there's anything that you want to see on our catalog, simply leave a comment below and you might just see it on our catalog soon! 😉

So many things happening!! Let's get to it, live our lives to the fullest, and make our every day extraordinary.

Felicia Poh
Thanks for reading guys!

Felicia Poh

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