How Nintendo Are the Modern Day Game Changers

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Own a PlayStation or Xbox? See how Nintendo are reshaping the gaming industry as we know it.

Little did you know, but that not-so-little Japanese company called Nintendo have been around for over a century.

Currently there are online debates based around the topic of which is the best gaming console, centered around the two big contenders: Playstation or Xbox.

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However, quietly and in classic Nintendo fashion this Japanese company has been dominating different aspects of gaming.

In 2012 when Nintendo came out with the successor of the Wii, the Wii U, a new and improved home video game console, the entire allotment of over 400,000 units were sold within in the first week in the United States. Since the Wii U's release, Nintendo have not released any new consoles or portable devices such as the Nintendo 3DS currently still in stores.

To me, 2016 seems to Nintendo's break-out and relaunch year. With their huge success of Pokémon Go (developed in a partnership with Niantic, Inc.), Nintendo are continuing to revolutionize the way we interact with games. One of the biggest aspects of Pokémon Go was that it was one of the first major and successful games that implemented augmented reality.

Augmented reality: Noun. a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

Which is similar but very different to virtual reality.

Virtual reality: Noun. the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.

Here's a great example between the two:
Augmented Reality: Image by Chris Helgren / Reuters

Virtual Reality:

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

So this is one of Nintendo's first big announcements of this year, the mini NES. This tiny console is a miniature replica of the NES Classic which Nintendo released in 1983 but for our sake, the mini NES will be released next month in late November 2016. So this is for all those Gen Y's out there. Here's to appreciating nostalgia and the childhood you grew up with. The console comes with 30 games pre-installed including Mario Bros. 3, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo are changing the game by bringing back the games that many of us love. Remaking and remastering these classics is one of Nintendo's great techniques to change the way we play games today.

Nintendo Switch

Introducing the Nintendo Switch. The video above has gained over 18 million views in less than one week. This next generation console is a hybrid of hand-held portable devices and home consoles. It's biggest and unique feature that makes it stand out from the crowd is its detachable Joy-Con controllers which can be used individually or attached to the device as in a traditional gamepad form. The whole device can be docked onto a station and Nintendo intends it will primarily used as a home console. Imagine still down at your house with it docked so you can play games on your TV, then when your friends arrive lift it off and it converts to a portable device instantly which you can carry with you to the backyard, park or out to party. Still, you can't deny how handy it will be to have a portable device that plays next gen games including Skyrim, NBA 2K17 and many more on-the-go with friends all in the palm of your hand.

Source: Nintendo

Unlike the NES mini, the Switch is a totally new console created by Nintendo which will aim to be a new alternative to the Wii U or 3DS instead of a direct replacement. The Nintendo Switch is available for pre-orders at JB Hi-Fi and other retailers and is scheduled for release in March 2017.

Nintendo are continuing to make strides and explore new avenues of how we interact with games. That's what we're doing with Leezair but how you travel, interact and explore the world before your eyes.

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