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We want to make it easy for locals, travellers and activity suppliers, we want to connect people so they can share their passions and have a good time.

People aim to discover new things, new activities, and this industry is leaving behind the small players; we want to help them. We also want to help our users to find the little gems and meet great people.

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As some of you may already know,

Our Marketplace is officially live!

Wondering what it's all about and what it can do for you? Read on to find out all the details!

What is the Leezair Marketplace? How does it work?

The Leezair Marketplace is a platform that allows any small, medium and big businesses, or individuals soon, to list experiences, manage bookings and make extra money from their passion! It's unique. You register, you list your activities, tours, rentals, or trips, we market it for you, then you get paid and you provide the experience. It especially benefits small businesses who don't have a marketing budget or expertise to reach a wider range of customers. Whether you're a business or an individual you can start listing your experiences or services and share them with the world!

What makes it unique?

The Leezair Marketplace is unique because:

  1. We onboard everyone, both businesses and individuals (however for security reasons some experiences are only available with professionals with certification and permit). It doesn't matter who provides the experience, at the end of the day all we want is for you to have a good time! We let our users review the experiences and both our sorting algorithm and recommendation engines promote the relevant experiences to the users.
  2. We are not commercial - our mission is to connect people with relevant experiences in real-time, so that everyday can be extraordinary.
  3. We directly pay our suppliers to their bank account.

We envision Leezair as the Etsy to the Ebay's of Viator. Not only is it really beautiful and simple to use, it will open the space to so many people who want to share a hobby or experience with others. It'll create more handmade experiences by individuals rather than large businesses. People who never had an interest in mainstream, commercial tours will be open to Leezair as we will offer customers the opportunity to connect with something different. Whether you want to learn Mongolian cooking, learn yoga 200m from the sky or spend 8 hours hiking secret trails in Blue Mountains, it is our vision for Leezair's Marketplace to have it.

What are its 3 best features?

  1. The Leezair Marketplace is straightforward and easy to use in a few steps. You can manage your bookings and payments from one site, including accessing Live Availability and instant booking functions
  2. Reach a wide range of customers anytime, anywhere
  3. We take care of your marketing - both online and offline - and you can access our network of strategic partners (airlines, hotels, etc)

How do I join this marketplace?

list an experience on the Leezair marketplace

Easy, simply visit Leezair and click "List an experience"!
1. Create a Leezair account and register your business
2. List the experiences (we will give you tips!)
3. Manage your bookings and payments

Thanks to Leezair's automated payment system, you will get paid directly to your bank account if you make a booking (unlike existing OTAs!) You will be part of a unique community and we will always support you!

The Future of Travel

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Personally, I see the marketplace as the future for Leezair, because authentic, local experiences are hard to come by when travelling. You want to experience this with locals rather than with 50 others jam-packed on a bus with their DSLR's hanging from their necks and guidebook in hand. It's a great way to meet locals who live there, and if you are a local yourself, it's satisfying supporting small businesses and getting to know their trade that they have been honing for years and years. The marketplace will also bring to life more quirky, unique, hard to find activities that you can't find just by googling it. So as an app, a company, and now a marketplace, we'll now be able to recommend you even more than before.

Are you a tour operator or know anyone providing exciting experiences?

Start listing

or refer them to Leezair! We look forward to meeting you!

Felicia Poh
Thanks for reading guys!

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