Packing Some Heat? Learn How to Make Your Suitcase Unique

Nigel AbelloNigel Abello

From a weekend getaway to travelling overseas to your hearts content, here's our tips on how you can make your suitcase unique.

Luggage. Bags. Backpacks. Satchels. Clutches. Handbags. Duffle bags.

There's a wide range of bags we can take with us when we go travelling the world and making sure yours stands out isn't usually our first priority. Have you ever been in one of those situations where you're waiting at the baggage carousel at your arrival destination to only be standing and waiting for what seems like forever? Among the puzzle pieces of everyone's prized possessions you have to decipher and find your budgie smugglers and shower cap. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but for you it's finding your luggage within the other identical-looking, monotone, plain and boring luggage bags.

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But first off, if you're traveling with a suitcase I'm guessing and hoping you have stuff inside it. So if you haven't already learnt how to pack like a boss for an overseas trip, I highly recommend you check it out first before reading this. There's nothing else you wouldn't want than to arrive at your destination to find out that you're missing out on one of the 10 essential must-bring items.

See at Leezair, we primarily see ourselves as a tech startup. We love anything and everything to do with travel but more so entrepreneurship and whatever is leading the innovation industry. The startup community world-wide and in Australia is continuing to expand so when we see companies creating new products to make our lives easier, we're happy to show them some love.

A U.S. startup that flourished out of the Kickstater community, Nomatic, have developed their most innovative travel bag to not only be the most functional bag ever used but a bag that solves all your packing problems. Shown in the video below, this online crowdfunding campaign raised over $1.7 million USD in 44 days due to the demand of this bag.

They're just one company that epitomises the whole supply and demand notion yeah? If only I could be better at saving, buy the bag and then travel some more.

Do you know about Casey Neistat?

He's just one of YouTube's biggest vloggers. Besides his ability to be a keynote speaker, a father, filmmaker, runner and tech enthusiast, he is also the co-founder of social media company Beme.

Photos: Elizabeth Lippman

Before he was a daily vlogger he was just a filmmaker that chose YouTube over the big screen. His passion for creating movies that can instantly be aired to the public while getting immediate feedback was an aspect that inspired him to focus on online content creation. With that in mind, his early movies had a creative aspect intertwined into the story by incorporating a DIY element.

So ladies and gentlemen, here's Casey Neistat's way to make your suitcase unique.

Just like Casey's luggage designing techniques, we at Leezair believe we offer the same values. Our app is personalised for you so you can experience adventures that YOU want to experience.

We're different from other companies out there because our app is smart and we continually work towards providing you adventures with the lowest cost plus no booking fees.

So check out our catalog for adventures near you and make your suitcase and life stand out from the rest.

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