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All the tips you need to maximise your time at Splendour in the Grass


Now obviously everyone has their own flare on what is crucial luggage for their weekend survival, but here are some must haves I’ve discovered in my many years as a seasoned Splendour bender birdie. First and foremost, you need your best friend. No words are ever going to prep you for the experience that’s about to unfold before you, so just trust me when I say your bestest buddy has to be by your side. So work out a payment plan, call their boss, pull out your wallet, ask their parents, do whatever you can in your power to make it possible for them to be apart of the adventure.


Double the outfits, or possibly triple. Three outfits are obvious, one for each day. Six is more realistic, so you have an option for whatever personality the weather chooses to show. But when I Splendour I opt for at least nine. The final trio is known as my nightcap outfits. As an avid party goer, appealing to my fellow party pals I can assume that you never want the good times to end; much like myself. So once you roll out of Splendour and make it back to Byron central, many of you will assume that bed is the next option, but the perceptive of you will know that just because the live music is over doesn’t mean the clubs aren’t playing you bangers all night long.

I won't lie to you, there have been times where I’ve gone straight from the festival playground to Cheeky Monkeys, but when that thick layer of mud begins to restrict your dance moves and you decide to go home and bathe, these final three outfit options will be a god sent. (For style tips and go to outfit outlets, have a read of part 1 in our Splendour Guideline for a Goodtime series).


Splendour is three days of high-intensity fun, and just like you need the escape from everyday life sometimes your phone or camera just can't handle the party atmosphere and find themselves on a permanent or temporary vacation. We all have that one friend that can’t keep track of anything or that other friend that gets prematurely excited and leaves their phone at the Big Banana (trust me it happens). So for your hipster convenience or the safety of your most prized possession purchase yourself a stack of disposable cameras. Leave the electronics at home and wind and snap your experience, that way if you lose the camera your phone is safe at home, or if you do inevitably lose that phone your memories aren’t lost forever.

Through researching for the experience that awaits you I’m sure by now you have an adequate understanding of the weird, the wonderful and the wacky that awaits you in the grass. Which is why on any other occasion this tidbit would be deemed ridiculous or downright insane, but it’s Splendour in the Grass and in turn that means anything goes. So the last crucial must pack on this list of essentials is your long lost imaginary friend. Whether you grew up together, or you’ve just recently found each other this is an experience that you both can enjoy. My friend Pinnincial comes with me every year, just try not to loose them, they're really hard to find... especially when they don't answer the phone.


Searching for Pinnincial circa 2014

On that note it’s probably best you don’t pack your dignity (what’s left of it anyway).

TIP 3. PACK SOME BANDAIDS (You're welcome)

Three days is a long time to function at such a high level of excitement! Don’t let that intimidate you just yet; there are a few things you can do to ensure that your experience is full of fun from start to finish. First and foremost, blisters are inevitable and they are the biggest killer of a good time. Whether they are on your feet or on your mates the pain hurts just as bad when you can no longer frolic from stage to stage skipping hand in hand, but are limping instead. So break your shoes in and bring an exceptional amount of Band-Aids!


Everyone always thinks they need to be at every minute of Splendour to enjoy it properly, false! Everyone also thinks that they don’t have a favourite and that they're there for everything, also false. Research the lineup and choose the day that appeals to you most. This is the day in which you immerse yourself in all things Splendour. Hunt for all the things you dreamt of discovering, participate in activities you never thought you’d enjoy, and get up close and personal with all the artists that made you squeal when that first line up announcement dropped. Be at the gates when they opened and get ushered out when they close.


Wherever there’s a favourite there is always a least favourite, don’t worry no one is gong to judge you for owning up to it. This is the day you start late; you picked your squad for a reason so enjoy their company before the festival inevitably forces you apart. Pre drinks should be pumping, Instagram photos should be in the many and the king cup should be drunk dry. Laugh your way to the festival gates with a good buzz and high spirits at the ripe hour of around 4pm, the best acts of the day are yet to come and your wallet will thank you for the reduced time at the pricey festival bar.


When it comes to festivals, the bottom line is that there are two types of people. The music junkies and the atmosphere immerses. The key to doing everything you possibly can to maximise your experience is to figure out which category you belong to.

For the music junkies, we recommend planning. The amount of acts that are crammed into three days is just unreal, and that means there is bound to be overlaps and more often than you’d like you’re going to be torn between some of your favourites. Figure out the logistics before you leave the tent, the last thing you need is a difference in preference to having you arguing with a mate over which set to see and arriving to enjoy a total of ten seconds of the closing song.

For you atmosphere immerses, we suggest the complete opposite. You thrive off the excitement and thrill of the experience so don’t let yourself be confined by a plan or preconceived adventure. Let the festival take you where it may, and thank us later for blissful insanity it ensues.



Let's be serious, your expectations are flying higher and higher the closer you get to that impending date and like a lot of things that command our thoughts for months on end, the final result can often be disappointing.

The important thing is to remain realistic, now although it'S fun to imagine crowd surfing your way towards the stage and running your fingers through Jack Garret’s beard, it’s more likely that you’ll be body surfing through the dirty slumps and caressing the mud beard that’s formed on your face.

Know what to expect; we’ve mentioned it over and over again; the weather has a conniving side so expect that outfits, activities and adventures are going to be altered by whatever the heavens unleash on you. As mentioned earlier, another thing that’s bound to happen is the separation of your gang. Thousands and thousands of people populate the fields for Splendour in the Grass and if you’re like me and distracted by a butterfly or something shiny you’re bound to be losing the pack. So have a lost property stand in place, decipher early on a meeting spot for when you loose each other and your phones inevitably don’t function. Make it memorable, make it easy, and make it fun -because you don’t want to be waiting for an extended period of time in a gap between port-a-loos. –

A common mistake newcomers make is they try to do everything, and in doing so somehow miss out on enjoying all of it. So sit down, open the app and make a wish list. The top ten things you absolutely must experience, the absolute essentials to you enjoying your weekend and walking away satisfied.


Where you stand in a mosh pit says a lot about who you are and what you've come for, so in order to make sure you don't drown in a sea of people that aren’t your scene choose a section that matches your vibe.


Front – This is where you’ll find the aforementioned music junkies, the hard-core artist lovers, or the over energised newcomers. People here don’t mess around; they know how to stand their ground, how to hold their bladder, and how to jump in unison. Be ready to be confined to the smallest possible amount of personal space, just kidding personal space doesn’t exist here it's dripped off your body in a flood of other people's sweat.

Middle – Here you’ll find the swayers; people that arrived too late to crawl to the front, or didn’t prepare for the blisters as well as you have. They stand their ground in packs and feel the music, blissfully enjoying the tunes as they flow through them.

Back - The dancers and the jokers migrate here, with plenty of room for them to pull off their dramatic moves or hilarious hijinks’. These people will love the songs and enjoy the music, but will care more about the people they are with than who’s on stage.

So there you have it, part 3 of 'Guidelines to good time at Splendour'. We hope you have an incredible experience at the iconic festival. Don't forget to tag your awsome photos with #experienceLeezair to get featured on our instagram!

Written by Ilana Porretta

Rosa-Clare Willis
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