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Splendour in the Grass is just around the corner, and although most of us have been waiting patiently since last year’s three-day bender ended for these dates to come around again, it can surprise you how quickly our favourite winter festival is approaching. So for those of you who have been thrown off guard by the arrival of July when your mind's still in January, we’ve got the goods to help you style your way through the mud soaked hills of Byron Bay.



For the bright-eyed newcomers about to have your minds blown and your worlds forever changed, lets set things straight; all the rumours you’ve heard are probably true. But the most important thing to keep in mind when prepping and preparing your outfits ideas is the climate and terrain that awaits you. Keep in mind Splendour can be temperamental; I’ve had some years with picturesque hills and sunshine filled days, and others soaked in Mother Nature’s tears playing dodge ball with rocks of hail, and then there has been years when I’ve had them both… in one day.

Your outfit has to be ready for anything, so this means practicality. You will be moshing, and mud sliding and playing leap frog with random strangers so make sure your outfit gives you the desired room to manoeuvre. Like I said, the weather likes to play mind games with you, this is where layering your outfits will become your best friend. Build them up to be ready for the chills, starting with a good base to peal back to for the sun or the sweats of the front row. Don’t be too attached either, the probability of what you’re wearing getting ruined by the ankle deep mud or the rowdy crowd is in the ninetieth percentile. Wear something that’s not going to distract you from your festival fun by having you worried about the damage or the potential for said damage.


Number one place to outsource your Splendour attire is the Glebe Markets. Jam-packed with options and options of uniqueness waiting for you to make them your own. But if you’re more of an online lurker or don’t have the time to venture out on the weekend, check out Leni the Label’s intriguing line sure to make you Splendour ready in no time.


Accessories are a must and SITG is the time when you can go so over the top and still be considered average by comparison. Check out Lost Lovers Store for headpieces, neckpieces, and any pieces your heart desires.

Eyewear is crucial, and although being sun safe is always a smart option my eyes tend to prefer a little more fun especially when the atmosphere screams for it. Frothlyf are going to excite you in more ways than one with their range of sunglasses that turn the mundane into fantasy.


Has the excitement taken you over and your ideas have proven to be much bigger than your budget? It’s okay, Princess Polly have foreseen this struggle and instead of leaving you to tagline it as being real, they’ve graciously provided you with an after pay service. Pick your outfit -or even let them pick it for you- and they will send it off to you immediately working out all the logistics in affordable payments down the track. Leaving you with less time stressing and more time enjoying.

Our last piece of advice, to just wear anything you wouldn’t normally wear; that outfit you never had the right occasion for, or the dress you always felt was too over the top, or the top that never seemed appropriate. Splendour is a festival that provides you with an outlet to express yourself, to go deep into your inner weird and wonderful and let it shine. Splendour In the Grass is the land of no judgement, everyone is doing the same and the only attention you will find from others is admiration.

Written by Ilana Porretta

Rosa-Clare Willis
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Rosa-Clare Willis

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