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"You can't search for what you don't know exists". Did you know that it is possible to ride a hot air balloon directly over Melbourne city? Or that you can be dropped off by plane on the most serene yet secluded islands on the Great Barrier Reef to play "Survivor" for a day? You can't search for what you don't know exists, so a big par…

Felicia PohFelicia Poh

Our Marketplace is LIVE!

We want to make it easy for locals, travellers and activity suppliers, we want to connect people so they can share their passions and have a good time. People aim to discover new things, new activities, and this industry is leaving behind the small players; we want to help them. We also want to help our users to find the little gems and m…

Felicia PohFelicia Poh

Turn Your Passion Into a Business

The old saying goes, follow what you love and the rest will follow. As idealistic as this sounds, many people are living out this mantra every single day. Imagine your "job" being getting to teach others to surf on one of the world's most famous beaches, showcasing your beautiful city on a curated running tour, or exploring hidden waterfa…

Jessie WongJessie Wong

Travel and Technology - Do They Mix?

Do you remember the days when you had to rely on maps to travel, to find your way around a busy city? Do you remember the days when you still had printed flight itineraries and plane tickets? Do you remember how it felt roaming the busy streets without your eyes glued to your phone screens, and instead observing and taking in the raw exp…

Felicia PohFelicia Poh