A World Reimagined: Using VR to travel?

Imagine a time when you had to flip through books and papers, to figure out your itinerary for a trip overseas; where you went to libraries to search for your tour guides, and sought out the best answers to the best things to do from a book. Now imagine you had an app that could do all that for you - and personalised to your every need,…

Felicia PohFelicia Poh

How Nintendo Are the Modern Day Game Changers

Own a PlayStation or Xbox? See how Nintendo are reshaping the gaming industry as we know it. Little did you know, but that not-so-little Japanese company called Nintendo have been around for over a century. Currently there are online debates based around the topic of which is the best gaming console, centered around the two big contender…

Nigel AbelloNigel Abello

What I Learnt From the Social Media Disconnect

When was the last time you did something for the first time? The last time you simply went offline and was fully engaged in a face-to-face conversation, instead of being conscious of the notifications that were 'pinging' up on your phone? Or even the last time you had your phone turned off, for that matter? Or web-accessible device? "T…

Felicia PohFelicia Poh