The Best Things You Can Do On a Plane While Travelling Solo

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It's the season of travelling, and what better way to kick start the new year with fresh resolutions and a fresh mind by starting the year with travels, jet-setting somewhere?

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If you're about to head off on a trip, and are having a headache over what you will do on that 8-hour long flight...Read on for a handy listicle of all the things you can do on a plane, so you won't have to say "there's nothing to do!"


1. Keep a list of tabs open of articles you’ve been wanting to read for ages that you haven’t.

Whether it's inspirational blogs, feeds on the latest tech and innovation, or your all-time favourite reads, I always like to have a collection of these on my laptop/iPad that I call my “plane-reads”. What better time to read than undisturbed on a plane, right?

2. Load up movies onto your laptop.

I’m sure we all have a list of movies that we’ve been wanting to watch but always set aside cause there's "no time" or you're "too busy" – here’s your chance!

3. Start writing.

If you haven’t had a moment to catch a breather from the stress of everyday work/school, this is your time. The only time you’re completely disconnected from all forms of social media and online interactions, where you have space to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going next.

4. Meditate (or sleep, if you like)

sleeping For all those times you've sat at work or in school dozing off in a lecture, now's your time to take a good uninterrupted rest. There’s nothing more relaxing and that passes time quicker than a good meditation or snooze – don’t forget your earplugs!

5. Read a book.

Sometimes paperbacks are the best things you can ask for on long journeys like these, especially if you’re on an 8-hour long flight.

6. Listen to music

Create a new playlist and revisit old playlists. Have your music tastes changed? How have they changed? Is there an occasion coming up? Or maybe a summer playlist or holiday playlist that you can plan for? My secret to travelling has always been to create that perfect travel soundtrack so I have memories to visit even long after the trip has ended.

7. Edit a video.

So maybe there’s footage that’s waiting to be looked at that you haven’t touched in a long time. Edit a video, or even look through collections of old photos. Surprise yourself!

8. Go through your computer or phone and clear out things that you don’t need anymore.

In need of memory space? Now you have all the time in the world to clear that out – and no excuses to say otherwise!

9. Draw something.

drawing Sometimes the biggest inspirations come to us on board a plane. Doesn’t that passing scenery look beautiful? Instead of capturing a photo, take a mental image of it, and start sketching.

10. Brainstorm for new ideas.

Whether it’s for your next company meeting or for a next blog you’re going to write (#guilty as a blogger) – you never know what inspiration comes to you when you're up in the air.

11. Do yoga.

If you seriously cannot sit still, get up off your seat and go to the back where you won't be a walking hazard 😝, and try some yoga asanas.

12. Talk to people.

Talk to the person next to you! If they’re travelling alone, chances are they’d be equally bored as you. And hey, you might just end up with an interesting story to tell your family and friends when you hop off the plane 😉

13. Write a story.

As someone who loves writing, I simply cannot stop. So even if this means I end up penning a story onboard the plane, that’s sometimes what I end up doing! Let your creative juices run wild and see what you come up with.

14. Start planning your next adventure!

adventure notebook Where are you going on your destination?

If you’re looking for last minute travel ideas, hit up the catalog or download our mobile app and explore what you can do. Remember, life is whatever you make of it and your extraordinary year starts now! #DoMore ☀️🌇✈️

Felicia Poh
Thanks for reading guys!

Felicia Poh

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