What you need to know about the new GoPro Camera and Drone

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All the best features about the new GoPro HERO5 Black 4K Action Video Camera and the GoPro Karma Drone!

Gone are the days of professional videos and photos. Now anyone can save up a bit of cash and get their hands on the best tech gadgets out there. Luckily we can update you with some of the top features of the latest GoPro HERO5 Action Camera and the new GoPro Karma Drone to hit the shelves in the next few weeks!

GoPro Hero5 Black 4K Action Video Camera

Source: GoPro Website

Coming out on October 2nd in Australian stores, the new GoPro HERO5 Camera is the latest and greatest GoPro to date. Unlike the older versions of the GoPro camera, the HERO5 is entirely waterproof to 33ft (10m) without an external case. That means no need for an extra housing accessory to keep the camera dry. You can literally grab it straight out of the box, book one of our adventures and take photos like these!

Another great feature of the HERO5 is that it now has voice control. Now let me tell you, I’ve tried using my Hero4 in the snow and it’s super difficult to use when it’s so far away from me on the ends of the ski poles. So it makes me so happy they added this new feature!

It also helps that the HERO5 has GPS location capture so I don’t forget where I’ve taken my photos. I have a feeling I'm not the only one who forgets to upload all my footage. So I know I’m definitely going to make the most out of these two features!

Just like its predecessor the HERO4 Silver and the HERO4 Black, the HERO5 has a 2-inch touch display and can record in stunning 4K quality respectively. There’s heaps more features such as stereo audio, video stabilisation, touch display and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth connectivity.

Essentially, it’s the best action camera to date!
Stores such as JB Hi-Fi are selling it for $548 whilst the GoPro store has it for $569.95. I think it’s a must-get!

GoPro Karma

If you’re not in the know with current tech, drones are the newest trend. They make aerial videography and photography accessible to the everyday consumer, just like you and I.

So finally after endless teasing, GoPro have finally released their own drone… but it isn’t just a drone. Even with many other drone competitors on the market, GoPro have managed to stand out and create a new product that not only looks great but is also said to be the most advanced drone to date!

Introducing the GoPro Karma…

Source: GoPro Website

The GoPro Karma will be one of the easiest and most portable high-quality drones on the market. With foldable wings and its ultralight design, it will be a highly sought out after addition after the HERO5 camera.

The Karma will allow the user to take the camera (such as the HERO5) off the drone and attach it for a different use on their brand new stabiliser. The convenience of having a multi-functional drone enables adventurers like us to reach more places and see different views.

Find out more info about the Karma here.

Just like GoPro we want to inspire you.

Having a product so easy to use and tailored to your needs is our focus. A camera or drone is merely a tool to capture new experiences in life. And experiences don’t have to occur once every year. No… you can choose to try something new today and share it now.

Don’t we all want to share our experiences with our family and friends? I know we do!

So take advantage of life with new adventures. Get out there, snap some beautiful photos and don’t forget to hashtag #ExperienceLeezair!

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Thanks for reading guys!

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