The Top 5 Innovations that will Change the Future of Travel

Felicia PohFelicia Poh

Today, we live in a world that was created from the things we did yesterday.

Everything that we do in these 24 hours shape a part of what happens in the next 24 hours and beyond.
What are the things that most appeal to us as innovations, things that will change the way we travel in the future?
What are some of the things that make a difference towards the way we see the travel landscape being shaped in the future?

1. Virtual reality

A main-stay on this list, virtual reality will undoubtedly change the way we see things.

Imagine being able to see a place and experience it – without actually being there.
Have fish swimming all around you as you dive deep into the Great Barrier Reef, and the sun streaming on your shoulders as you enjoy the view of the Maldives.
Do you feel like taking a vacation yet? Not only will VR trigger the spirit of wanderlust, it’ll also encourage companies and travel agencies to engage more with using VR to spread the travel bug. It’ll change the way we see travel, and the way we travel.
And of course, will we then end up not wanting to leave our homes and instead travelling from our couches or will it leave us wanting more?

2. Artificial intelligence

The presence of artificial intelligence means that we’ll have automated responses, smart AI search engines, and robots that will guide recommendations for us – whether it’s places to eat or places for us to tour and experience. Not only do these automations make feedback to the consumer instantaneous, they make travel that much more within reach. This will continue across the industry and is something we should embrace.

Coupled with that comes the ability to DIY. By this, I mean that there is barely any need to talk to people when going through an airport. You’re able to book your flight online, scan your boarding pass on your phone, and check in with machines, go through automated clearance gates…

3. Apps that will replace the everyday tangibles

Guide books? Or guide apps?

mobile phone

Think about the hotels that have been using apps for check-ins, even electronic room keys. Before we know it, we won’t need people at the check-in desks. And considering the number of people using mobile apps to make bookings (35% of all tour and activity bookings now come from mobile devices), we’ll soon be living in a world that’s so closely interconnected through mobile devices that we’d wonder how we ever lived in a world without these conveniences.

Guidebooks like Lonely Planet that used to be at the heart of every traveller’s resources have started losing its relevance in a world with websites and crowdsourcing sites that give us up-to-date reviews and advice on hotels, tours, restaurants. Traditional and online travel agencies have given us alternatives, and today we’ve got the likes of travel apps that open us up to a world of tours and activities, right in the palms of our hands.

4. The car-sharing economy

Not so much an innovation, as an improvement and change in the way we do things, the sharing economy has largely expanded in recent years, giving us Airbnb and Uber. When we have Uber, do we really need to rent our own cars to get around? When companies like these make travel and transport so much more convenient, we start wondering if we really need our own cars to get around. And not to mention the multitude of car-sharing options that further reduce prices on transport.

5. Personalisation and predictive organisation

Machine learning will eat the world. Computers and machines will decode our Google search results just to figure out the meaning behind the data gathered – why we search for things, and why we search for them the way we do.

Emotionally designed experiences will own mindshare.


People will pay more for real experiences, rather than on a pair of shoes or shirt.

In understanding the user, we hope that eventually the travel space will evolve into something that comprehends and is able to recommend activities to the user.

In this way, Leezair is creating a personalised platform for tours and activities. Through understanding your hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, the app will be able to recommend activities you're likely to enjoy. Over time, travelling and exploring will be made more unique and personal.

This will allow you to experience the world in a way that is truly unique to you.

Our personalised project is coming soon!

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