When it rains in Sydney

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Rain, Hail or Shine More Rain… Things to do when Mother Nature Tries To Rain on Your Parade.

So you have your weekend plans sorted. The car packed and the squad ready, when bam! The rain hits. You think to yourself ‘why does this always happen’ and ‘this is why we don’t do nice things’ but don’t let those tears from ‘The Heavens’ ruin your weekend excitement. Put away the Netflix and blankets and take a look at our backup plan for when the rains come a falling.

1. Be a kid again (Strike bowling bar / Sky Zone)

Think back to a time when the wet weather didn’t get you down. A time when a soaking mud puddle was not a stain waiting to happen but an opportunity ready to be conquered feet first. Sure the unwanted storm hijacked your agenda but don’t let it steal your childhood sense of adventure. Let your inner infant run wild. Head to Strike Bar for some bowling and beverages, or let the backflips loose at Sky Zone’s indoor trampoline park extravaganza because you’re never too old to pretend you’re young.


2. Escape the Room

Some rain filled days are best spent with a group of mates and a board game but why verse each other when you can work together and bring the board game to life. If you haven’t heard of these brain teasing events then you’re seriously missing out. With venues across Australia this escape room adventure is about to become your go to good time. First, you use your wits even before you leave the house. Choose your group wisely, you want people that know how to problem solve but also ones you can stand to be locked in a room with for an hour. Then you set the scene, pick the scenario that entices you the most. Jump head first into a setting that’s straight out of a mystery movie and race the clock to solve the clues and make your escape.

3. Rainy day bars

So you’re over the disappointment, happy you’ve got your crew together but just want to drown the wasted potential sorrows in a good beverage? Why not sought out that drink in an atmosphere sure to turn even the most negative of Nancy’s into the happiest Larry. Whether it be cocktails that warm you from the inside out, the smooth crackles of a much appreciated fireplace, or décor that makes you forget there is even an outside beyond the walls. Check out our list of top 5 bars that make you wish for the rains to come:


4. Wet ‘n’ Wild

Now I’m pretty sure with this one half of you are already calling me crazy and the other half labelling me a genius, but that’s okay I like to keep you questioning my sanity and my smarts. The best part about a rainy day water park adventure is that it’s often the last thing on peoples minds, which means for you adrenaline-seeking-slide-sorceress the lines are virtually non-existent. Allowing you to enjoy a whole day of uninterrupted thrill seeking and let’s be real, you’re already wet so the rain isn’t even an issue anymore. So Wet'n'Wild anyone?

5. Indoor Skydiving

What better way to forget about the storm then to fly? iFLY Sydney invites you to all the fun of skydiving with none of the hassle. No weather woes, no parachute, and no impending threat of colliding with the ground at high speed. What’s not to like?

6. White Rabbit Gallery

These ideas are all well and good, but I know some of you out there still haven’t found an alternative to your spoiled itinerary. You had a day planned that was set to please the eyes, and then the rain came along to blind your view. I get it, it’s not always about what you’re doing sometimes it’s about what you’re seeing. But fear not I haven’t forgotten about your need for eye porn. White rabbit gallery has everything you need to excite the eyes and the mind, all safely inside, away from the grips of big bad Mother Nature. Three levels of visual wonder, that’ll have you back well before the rain forces you.


Otherwise, I guess there's always Netflix & Chill...

By Ilana Porretta

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