Things to do in Sydney on a student budget

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Activities in Sydney on a student budget:

Being a student is great. Finding things to do in Sydney is not so great. It's this blissful period of coasting through the days with almost no obligations, classes of choice and the only stress being the assessment you’ve waited until the night before to complete. As much as we love to convince ourselves that we face a real struggle with uni life, when we inevitably leave Uni and find ourselves in the big bad world it's easy to see that we had it pretty damn easy.

But one thing that will always remain constant and forever crippling to students everywhere is the ever so slumping budget we are forced to face our social life with. The tickets are always too expensive, the Uber surcharge is too high, and we are late to the party from spending too long at the bottle shop trying to decide between a sack of goon or a bottle of passion pop. Does that mean however that we should be confined to the pre-drink lock-ins or Uni bar event schedule as punishment for our income crimes? Fortunately, Sydney has loads of hotspot locations offering top-notch things to do with little to no funds at all. Pour yourself a glass of passion pop and unwind as I present you with the poor man's list to conquering Sydney.

Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk

Whether it’s a stifling summers day or a cool breezy winters morning, the Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal walk does not disappoint. Endless views of the ocean, friendly locals and a workout combined, the walk is certainly a treat for eyes, body, and soul. The finish line rewards you with a much-deserved dip in the ocean or a relaxing cool-down stroll along Coogee beach’s soft white Australian sand. The best part is, the universe lets us have the views for free.

Wendy’s Secret Garden (Milsons Point)

Located 10 minutes from the CBD in Lavender Bay, Wendy’s Garden is sure to make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of reality and into a painting. With endless greenery, eye-catching sculptures and adventurous nooks and crannies. If it wasn’t for glimpses of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney skyline you would easily forget you’re only moments from the city.

City of Forking Paths (The Rocks)

Now, this activity is next level cool, incorporating art, atmosphere, technology and adventure. All you’ll need is your trusty mobile phone and a pair of your best walking shoes. Word of advice, though - you’ll want to download the ‘City of forking Paths’ app before you leave the house to save yourself the kick in the data usage gut. The fun begins at Custom House Foyer and if you’ve travelled back in time twenty years and find yourself without a phone, the nice folks there will help you out and provide a device for you. What it is is an interactive walking tour that integrates what’s around you with an artistic flare to offer you a revolutionizing experience. It will forever change how you see the Rocks.

Hibernian House (Surry Hills)

This place is a hub for all things awesome and creative. From artistry to poetry to performance, this is where you’ll find some of the most creatively charged minds in the city. But that’s not all the historic building has to offer - it's far more than the interesting and passionate people that roam its halls. Standing as an artistic structure in itself. The buildings halls, rooftop, walls, and floors are consumed by local street art, constantly evolving and changing with the whims of the many artists that walk through its doors. Add to this an array of musical performances and local businesses that intertwine amongst the tenants, and you have an atmosphere that is more New York city grunge than New York City itself.

Taco Tuesdays

There’s no budget food better than a taco, and there’s no budget night better than a tight ass Tuesday. So when these two glorious sensations combine to give us Taco Tuesday; it’s a match made in bargain heaven. The options come in the plenty, but for your belly rumbling convenience, we’ve deciphered a list of the best options for your taco Tuesday value for money.

Controbando (CBD) - $3 Tacos
The Norfolk (Surry Hills) - $3 Tacos
Socal (Neutral Bay) - $4 Tacos
Barrio Cellar (CBD) - $3 Tacos
Beach Burrito Company (Bondi) - $3 Tacos
Flying Fajitas (Glebe) - $3 Tacos
Havanna Beach (Manly) - $2.3 Tacos


Happiest of Hours

This blog would prove completely useless to most of you if it didn’t provide a set of budget safe hot spots to soothe your post adventure needs. Plus, we all know that the reason we are so tight with our budget is so we can get more bang for our buck when the clock hits party time. So since we are so lovely, and treat you oh so right; here is another neatly congregated play by play of where to find the best Happy hour Destinations.

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We hope you found some cool things to do on your student budget in this article. If you know any other awesome hot spots please comment below!

Rosa-Clare Willis
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