What makes life extraordinary?

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We do.

Let's face it Millenials, while we know they love us, the older generations have been throwing some pretty critical generalisations and stereotypes our way for a while. We've been called lazy, too ambitious, self-obsessed dreamers.

You know what! I am going to speak on the behalf of my generation when I say that we are not narcissistic no-hopers, we are simply misunderstood! We want to work SMARTER not harder, we don't want to see the world, we want to EXPERIENCE it. It's not that we are naive, we just aren't afraid to take risks and fail every now and then.

While many call us entitled and selfish, we call each other open minded and optimistic. We don't question the concept of rights for women, gay and transgender people - in fact, we embrace them! Our refusal to work in a hierarchical and mind numbing environment is what is pushing the world to explore new realms. Our constant need for change and positive social impact is what is driving the world of innovation and startups.

Hear me when I say, that Millenials are not self-obsessed, we just want to make sure that we don't go through life without leaving our mark. We just want to make our lives and those within it EXTRAORDINARY.

Listen to what these Millennials had to say:

We recently started our hunt for Australia's Coolest Intern. In order to apply, candidates had to respond to the question: What makes life extraordinary?

So far, we have received many incredible and creative applications all from Millenials. It may surprise older generations that none of the responses mentioned materialistic belongings, money or fame. They simply all expressed that the meaning of life exists within our personal experiences and our ability to reflect on them. Have a look at a few applications below!

What makes life EXTRAORDINARY?

Olivia, 21 Sydney

"Being able to tick things off my bucket list, and to experience as many things as possible."

For Olivia, it's a photograph that reminds her of a time when her life was extraordinary.

The photograph was taken in Palolem in South India, after a week of nonstop backpacking through India, Olivia found her happiness simply sitting and absorbing everything that had happened in her travels so far.

Olivia uses this photograph as a nice reminder that moving slowly is the best way to appreciate the world we are in.


Jeremy Rosart-Brodnitz, 20, Sydney

"Freedom to experience"

Jeremy doesn't believe in the words "I can't". He makes his life extraordinary by stealing opportunities, immersing himself in new cultures and by taking the world by its horns.

Shantell, 20, San Francisco & Sydney

"The biggest risk in life is not taking one"

Throughout her life, Shantell has always strived to expand beyond her comfort zone to ensure that she is never left wondering "what could have been" if she never took a chance.

Shantell has lived a life full of adventure, from studying abroad in France, skydiving in California and, paragliding in the Swiss Alps, snorkelling in the French Riveria and now living in Australia.

Above all her experiences, she believes that life becomes extraordinary when we put our phones down, pause and cherish the moment.


Kit, 21, England

"The clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop." - Robert H. Smith

Kit believes that it's up to us to seize each and every moment, and the only way to do this is to make every day extraordinary.

Nigel, 20, Melbourne

"It's the experiences you create. The People you love. The people you meet. The happiness you get from venturing out and doing something new."

Nigel's perspective on his approach to life was changed after a recent solo trip to Cambodia. Spurred by a quote on Facebook that read "You were not born to just go to work, pay bills and die" he set out to create his very own experience mood board on his laptop wallpaper. He regularly changes his desktop background with photographs that he has taken on his adventures and overlays them with quotes that inspire and motivate him to continue to make life extraordinary.


See! Millenials aren't here to make a scene, we aren't even here to be seen. We just want to make life meaningful through extraordinary experiences.

Millenials are:

Selfish - Self Aware
Impatient - Ambitious
Greedy - Opportunistic

We're here to make a difference in the world, whether that be through social work, conservation or shared experiences. We will continue to live the lives that we imagined until we have reached our ultimate state of personal growth. Let's keep making memories millennials!

The Leezair Mission

Leezair exists to make life extraordinary!

Our purpose as a company and as individuals is to make everyday extraordinary. We aim to give back the power to the people, so they can control how they want to experience the world when it suits them. Leezair gives everyone the chance to seize the day by bringing experiences closer to you.

From tough explorers to first timers, we provide activities and experiences that cater to every traveller type. Ultimately, our apps aim to inspire adventure and encourage freedom through personalisation. We aim to share experiences that are tailored to any condition, so you can continue to discover the magnificent world around you without limitations.

So, how do you make your life extraordinary?

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Rosa-Clare Willis
Thanks for reading guys!

Rosa-Clare Willis

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