What You Can Get on Leezair for the Cost of a Dozen Roses

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The season of love is just around the corner, and we all know what that means for you couples looking for that special something - or special night out! Thinking about getting your darling a lovely bouquet of roses? Well, how bout something a little different this year?

To help you out, we've rounded up a list of things that you can get on our catalog for the cost of a dozen roses - that's right, you've heard us right!

As Valentine's Day approaches, the cost of roses are going up really quickly and before you know it... Boom. Be prepared to pay a good $150-$200 for that specially arranged bouquet to be delivered to your beloved's doorstep. So, we're looking at something that sets you back by $200, and something that she'll forget within weeks. With that same amount of money and effort spent, here's what you can get on our catalog while giving both you and her the very best experience that she'll remember for a looooong time:

The weekend before

1. Hunter Valley

Cost: $250 for two When: 12th or 14th Feb Hunter Valley Valentine's

Nothing spells romantic like a weekend getaway to Hunter Valley, where you get to sample white and red wine varieties guided by the local experts. Organic vodka, schnapps, gin & liquer tastings await, together with cheese and chocolate samples.
Great food, great wine, and even better company. This could be just what you need for the perfect weekend romance!

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2. Valentine's Day Champagne Cruise

Cost: $178 for two When: 12th Feb Valentine's Day Champagne Cruise

What’s Valentine’s Day without champagne on board a luxurious cruise? You’ll have the best time with your partner, being pampered like a king and queen. The cruise comes with great surrounding music to set the ambience and the best views of the city from the water.
Champagne, canapes and a buffet of seafood, with endless flows of tea and coffee… If this isn’t the dream Valentine’s package for your loved one, then I don’t know what is!

3. Chocolate and Arcades Tour

Cost: $198 for two When: 10th-12th Feb

Roam the side lanes and alleyways in this Chocolate and Arcades Tour. Get taken on an adventure around the city a la Aladdin style, where ‘I can show you the world’… Or in this case, your guide will! You’ll see where the locals love to linger and ensure you’ll leave with the best memories to remember this experience. With chocolate in your mouths and the best undiscovered spots in the Melbourne city area to be discovered, it’s a feast for your eyes and senses and will definitely leave you and your partner feeling spellbound and super sweet!

For Valentine's Day itself

4. Eat/Drink/Walk Bar Tour Sydney

Cost: $110 for two Eat/Drink/Walk Bar Tour Sydney

Walk a little, eat a little and drink a little. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of strolling down the streets of Sydney with your partner and discovering the small bars around the city, that could quickly become your new favourite hideouts! This evening journey will take you around to 3 different small bars, and at each venue you’ll get treated to some food and drinks. In between each stop, waltz your way through sections of the city, exploring other venues, street art and intriguing spaces. You haven’t seen the city like this till you’ve gone on this tour! For a fun, relaxed night out in town, your partner will love you for this!

5. PaddleBoard Safari

Cost: $178 for two

Maybe you want something a little more different for Valentine’s this year. If you and your partner love dates that involve some exploring, adventure and a great workout, then this may be just what you’re looking for! On this 3-hour paddle board tour of Pittwater, you’ll get to experience some of Sydney’s most secluded beaches. Paddle board the stunning Pittwater waterway and see the wildlife and marine species in the area. Accompanied with a picnic morning tea and refreshments, it’ll be the most different way to wake up this Valentine’s, and the most relaxing way to spend with your partner while having some splashing good fun!

6. Full Day Romantic Tour

Cost: From $310

If you’re looking to splurge a little, maybe for something extra special… A proposal, maybe? 😉 This romantic day tour of the Abrolhos Islands departs from Geraldton Airport in the morning and takes you back by the afternoon. The beautiful aerial scenic flight in your very own private plane flies over the islands in the Pelsaert Group, the Easter Group, and the Wallabi Group. You’ll get to see gorgeous coral, marine life and fishermen’s camps… Take a stroll down to Turtle Bay and enjoy some morning tea and go snorkeling over the coral in Turtle Bay. Finish off with a private lunch with champagne and a guided nature walk around the Island. An all-day planned guide with everything exclusively done for you is perfect for that extra special something and the ultimate for all die-hard romantics.

Have the best Valentine's yet

Full Day Tour Romantic Valentine's

With this list, hopefully you've now got some ideas about what to do this Valentine's to make it one to remember. If you're still looking for more things you can do, visit our catalog or download our mobile app to explore what's around you.

And if you don't already know what type of couple you are... Check out this awesome quiz we put together that'll tell you! 😉

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