Why Personalisation matters in the travel industry

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"Personalisation" is the ability to know someone like a friend does - knowing their details, habits, behavior and still being able to create a sort of human bond.

What does personalisation mean to you?

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Imagine someone gave you a broad catalog of activities to choose from - there's anything and everything in it, from wine tours to horse-riding trips.

Now imagine someone that knows that you like health and wellbeing, that you live in Sydney and that you enjoy spending time with your friends - and they curate the list of unique yoga and meditation sessions just for you.

Which do you prefer?

See, that’s where personalisation comes in.

What’s fascinating about doing generic activities when it’s not unique – to you?

Instead of just ‘snorkelling’, what if you had an app that knew you loved deep diving with sharks and was able to put you through a caged-shark expedition? Or if they knew you preferred snorkeling with friends and could recommend the most scenic waters for snorkeling in a group – as well as a day-trip that coordinated everything for you and your friends so you don’t need to worry about planning it?

We know that we can’t go for a one-size-fits all mentality. We’re not targeting everyone because you need to pursue activities that are unique to you. And so, you won’t just be getting what everyone else is getting. Instead, you’re getting activities tailored to your interests, preferences and situation. When you know that these activities have been curated just for you, you'd feel comfortable about trying new activities because you know you're likely to enjoy them.

Humanising a travel app

Why so many people prioritise personalisation today comes down to the way it humanises the system. It puts down the barriers that we used to have until now. Very soon, apps will become the companion you never knew you needed, suggesting things to do on the go, and with the influx of machine learning, systems will be able to learn about you like anyone else, and create a unique human-machine relationship with you.

The crux in personalisation is that it understands you.

Using any travel app today, we’re faced with a generic scroll of things to do. What if we took into account our names, our basic interests, where we live, our gender, age… We could come up with an amalgamation of possible activities that we could take on besides the usual "Taronga Zoo" recommendation. We'd be able to book into activities and plan trips with these guided suggestions to tailor our travel experience.

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When we travel, we want to be able to experience things that are relevant to us. Whether we’re travelling alone, with friends, with a partner, or with kids, we won't all be looking for the same types of experiences. Our location or destination, our budget, preferences, and available times will all contribute in defining the filters that we use to sort and suggest the best things to do. When faced with a crossroad of too many options, personalised content is what will engage based on the information you’ve shared with the recommendation engine.

As Bickerstaff notes,

"“Without personalization, as regular ecommerce users we get inundated with content that bears little relevance to what we are researching and ultimately want to buy.”

Given the extent to which we rely on mobile and technology, ease of use is simply going to get easier and more customised. Tapping into this is what will be the game-changer in the travel industry and set the travel app apart to consumers in the market over time.

When we’re able to make this distinction by giving unique recommendations catered to each individual’s personality, that’s when travel becomes truly meaningful and extraordinary.

Our personalised project is coming soon!

Leezair personalisation travel app

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