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Your Single Date - Bachelor Style

Warning, this date is based on true activities available at Leezair

I have been watching the Bachelor religiously this season and I am not really sure why. The show actually goes against all moral codes of dating and makes Aussie girls look like bimbos (except for Nikki #TeamNikki) and the actual Bachelor is about as beige as my Grandmother's hearing aids. Yet still, it's my guilty pleasure.

After every episode, I announce that I am going to apply for next season (if not just for the free champagne and activities!). But since my boyfriend keeps talking me out of applying for next year's show (for reason's I just can't understand) I figured that I could at least help Channel 10 out by planning the next Single Date.

So, now I ask you to drop all dignity and consider yourself as a contestant on The Bachelor. You're sitting in the living room of the mansion, when Osher Rosher comes in with a Single Date card and a clue:


The clue reads:

Prepare to get wet.

"Oh my gosh what could it mean?!"

Let's find out.

Sydney Harbour Sunrise Breakfeast

You wake up at the crack of dawn feeling fresh, happy and excited that you are still in The Hunger Games The Bachelor.

A mysterious black car comes around and prompts you to jump in. You don't ask questions. The car drives you to Lavender Bay, one of Sydney's most beautiful harbour locations.

The first part of this Single Date treats you to a sunrise kayak tour of Sydney Harbour.


As you paddle through the iconic waters of Lavender Bay you look up to see the gorgeous Harbour Bridge and Opera House from the front row seat of your Kayak. Bachie Richie leans over and whispers "Oh wow" "Absolutely beautiful, "Stunning" - not just because that's the only script he's learnt for the season, but because the view really is ABSOLUTELY, STUNNING, AMAZING and SPECTACULAR.

In this sunrise single date tour, Bachie treats you to coffee and a light breakfast on the kayak. You soak in the view and act candid as Richie takes amazing photos of you in front of the golden Sydney Skyline - a perfect shot for when you leave the Bachelor and become INSTA-FAMOUS.

All that paddling has made you hungry, and Bachie Richie already knows that he doesn't want you to get hangry. That's why part 2 of your date is an Adult Cupcake Baking and Decorating Class

Your cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard...

Here we are! From sunrise to Surry Hills. In this Adult Cupcake Baking Class, you will be taught by a Sparkle Pastry Chef. Richie has carefully selected a signature recipe for you to learn - and trust me, it's sweeter than this romance! While you wait for these cupcakes to bake, Richie brings out his signature glass of bubbles. As you drink your confidence and Richie tells you how beautiful you are for the 107th time on this date, your pastry chef will serve some light refreshments.

When your cupcakes have blossomed like your love for Richie, you can start to decorate them your way. I would suggest you get creative with "Rosha <3" and "I <3 Richie". But don't worry, our guide will be there with you to instruct you on all the best techniques to keep your love-cakes on point!


When you leave part 2 of your Single Date with Bachie, you won't just be leaving with a bloated belly, you also get to take home half a dozen cupcakes, a signature recipe and a glam Sparkle apron to bring out your domestic goddess every time you bake.

While sunrise harbour tours are cool and all, by this point you are really looking for something that will get your blood pumping (since Richie's conversational skills are anything but exciting!) Don't worry, thankfully Leezair has organised this date, not The Beige Bachelor. Let us present to you the EXTREME ADRENALINE RUSH OF RAIN FOREST CANYONING

Rainforest Canyoning!

When you hop out of the mysterious black car for part 3 of your Single Date, you will find yourself in the breathtaking Southern Highlands, where you will be canyoning through pristine rainforest.


Richie will hold your hand as you walk an easy hike along a track beneath the rainforest canopy and look out through open outcrops where you can see the surrounding escarpments and ocean.

Once you arrive at the start of the canyon you feel an instant sense of relief when you are presented with wetsuits - all those cocktail parties have really taken a toll on your figure!

So here we go, your harness is on and you start your first descent down a 5-metre waterfall. As you fall into the cool pristine waters from the cascade above, Richie looks at you and says something incredibly cheesy like, "Falling for me already are you?" then pulls out a rose...

Congratulations you've received a rose, it almost always comes with the cost of a very awkward on-screen pash with Beige Bachelor though so be prepared!

Leezair does The Bachelor, better than the Bachelor

All of the activities described in the Single Date are located within Sydney! This is one date that definitely won't break channel 10's budget. Find out more about each activity by clicking on the links below:

1) Sydney Harbour Sunrise Kayak & Breakfast - $95 Lavender Bay
2) Adult Cupcake Baking & Decorating Class - $99 Surry Hills
3) Rainforest Canyoning - $189 in Sutherland

So there you have it, your perfect Bachelor Style single date as planned by yours truly,


P.s When the date's over, you will likely feel like this:

alt alt

Visit our website and start to plan your own perfect Bachelor date! www.leezair.com

Rosa-Clare Willis
Thanks for reading guys!

Rosa-Clare Willis

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